The Mans Decree Chapter 2678

The Mans Decree Chapter 2678-“Is that so, Mr. Samoll? Is it dangerous to venture deep into the medicinal pool?” Viola asked anxiously in a hushed voice.

Ghaylen nodded solemnly. “According to records, the deeper one goes into the medicinal pool, the more concentrated and overpowering the spiritual energy becomes. It’s challenging for an ordinary person’s body to withstand. Even Helius, who had once soaked in the medicinal pool for three hours, didn’t dare to venture deep inside. If Mr. Chance really wishes to dive into it, I’m afraid the chances of success are slim.”

Viola’s face turned grim after she listened to his explanation. She had just developed feelings for Kai, but now he was about to put himself in such a perilous situation.

“Master, maybe I should go back and take a look.” Zebediah was ready to return to check on the situation.

“Stop right there!” Hosen exclaimed all of a sudden. “What do you take the medicinal pool for? Your family’s bathhouse that you can just enter whenever you want? Now that you two have already come out, we’ll close the medicinal pool.”

Hosen was ready to close the medicinal pool. “Hosen, how can you close the pool when my disciple is still in there?” Ghaylen immediately questioned Hosen.

“It has been two hours. There’s no way Kai could have lasted that long inside. He might. have already been reduced to a pool of blood,” Hosen said indifferently.

“Hosen, Helius has once stayed inside the pool for three hours. Kai is only in there for about two hours, yet you want to close it?” Ghaylen continued questioning him.

“Are you trying to compare Kai with Helius?” Hosen let out a cold snort. “Fine! If you say so, I’ll give you another hour. If Kai still doesn’t come out, I’ll close the medicinal pool!”

Hosen found a large rock to sit on and waited in silence. Ghaylen could only pray for Kai to come out. soon, but he knew the odds were slim. At that moment, Kai was still floating calmly in the pale green area.

The Golem Body was still shining with a dazzling golden light. Kai gradually opened his eyes before going down into the pool once more. Soon, the surrounding light dimmed, and. everything turned pitch-black. Even the water in the medicinal pool had turned dark.

Kai could only rely on his spiritual sense to cautiously explore his surroundings. Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out in his consciousness field. It sounded like a chick hatching from its shell.

His body trembled, and brilliance shimmered in his eyes. Kai immediately retracted his spiritual sense and stopped moving. He knew he was about to experience a breakthrough.

Kai’s meridians had been unblocked, enabling spiritual energy to flow freely through every part of his body without restraint.

Boom! Suddenly, the calm medicinal pool surged with immense waves, and a large water column shot up from the bottom of the pool and soared into the sky. I’ve reached the Top Level Manifestor!

Kai’s face was brimming with excitement. He had never imagined achieving such a breakthrough within such a short time inside the medicinal pool. It had been difficult for him to reach that level.

He felt that the spiritual energy in his body had condensed to a new level, and both his spiritual sense and physical body had become much stronger.

Kai’s heart swelled with excitement. Cultivating in this medicinal pool was far faster than outside by many times. It seems staying here a little longer can help me break through the Manifestor level, and reaching the Body Fusion Realm is just a matter of time.

He felt a sense of satisfaction with his decision to enter the medicinal pool. He had never imagined that the pool within Emerald Cauldron Sect could possess such immense power. At the entrance, the group of people waiting for Kai had heard the commotion inside.

“What’s that noise?” The crowd turned their attention to the pool.


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