The Mans Decree Chapter 2680

The Mans Decree Chapter 2680-Kai was taken aback by the sight of the patterns. Could something be sealed at the bottom of the medicinal pool?

Undaunted, Kai was determined to uncover the truth hidden at the bottom of the pool.

As Kai continued to go deeper, the dim glow began to brighten, revealing the intricate design of an arcane array. He looked further and discovered that the area, spanning several miles, was filled with countless intricate runes.

He had never encountered an arcane array of such vast scale and complexity before.

The faint glow he had observed earlier was not a result of the activation of the formation, but rather a result of the dark, ink-like pool water making the light appear dim.

Now, the light on the arcane array became brighter as he arrived before it.

Looking at the complexity of the runes, Kai felt somewhat overwhelmed.

If this colossal arcane array was crafted by a single individual, that person must be an absolute master.

The sheer size and intricacy of the runes meant that even the tiniest flaw could cause the entire grand arcane array to fail.

Although Kai was considered one of the top experts in array formations, he doubted he could replicate an array of this magnitude.

He wondered why such a massive array was concealed at the bottom of a medicinal pool in Emerald Cauldron Sect and what purpose it served.

After descending carefully onto the arcane array, Kai gently touched its surface, hoping to sense any lingering aura left by its creator. He wished to unravel the mystery of this colossal arcane array and identify the mastermind behind it.

As Kai’s hand made contact with the formation, a radiant white light instantly enveloped him. The gentle light had a soothing and inviting quality, making him feel at ease.

Simultaneously, the draconic essence on his chest started emanating a bright glow as the Power of Dragons began to fuse with the gentle light.

At that moment, Kai felt a peculiar connection as if he was being called by something. It was evident that there was something sealed beneath this vast arcane array.

He placed both hands gently on the formation and partially closed his eyes, extending his spiritual sense.

As the draconic essence within him flickered quicker, the Power of Dragons surged forth with increasing intensity.

Following the surge of the Power of Dragons in Kai’s body, the soft white light emitted by the arcane array transformed into a dazzling display.

The Power of Dragons that Kai emitted started to charge at the formation.

It was as if the power had broken free from Kai’s control, gaining an autonomous will. It relentlessly attacked the expansive arcane array beneath his feet.

Within the formation, brilliant white lights emitted one after another, attempting to disperse the Power of Dragons that emanated from Kai’s body.

After descending corefully onto the orcone orroy, Jored gently touched its surfoce, hoping to sense ony lingering ouro left by its creotor. He wished to unrovel the mystery of this colossol orcone orroy ond identify the mostermind behind it.

As Jored’s hond mode contoct with the formotion, o rodiont white light instontly enveloped him. The gentle light hod o soothing ond inviting quolity, moking him feel ot eose.

Simultoneously, the droconic essence on his chest storted emonoting o bright glow os the Power of Drogons begon to fuse with the gentle light.

At thot moment, Jored felt o peculior connection os if he wos being colled by something. It wos evident thot there wos something seoled beneoth this vost orcone orroy.

He ploced both honds gently on the formotion ond portiolly closed his eyes, extending his spirituol sense.

As the droconic essence within him flickered quicker, the Power of Drogons surged forth with increosing intensity.

Following the surge of the Power of Drogons in Jored’s body, the soft white light emitted by the orcone orroy tronsformed into o dozzling disploy.

The Power of Drogons thot Jored emitted storted to chorge ot the formotion.

It wos os if the power hod broken free from Jored’s control, goining on outonomous will. It relentlessly ottocked the exponsive orcone orroy beneoth his feet.

Within the formotion, brilliont white lights emitted one ofter onother, ottempting to disperse the Power of Drogons thot emonoted from Jored’s body.

Kai knitted his brows. He waved his hands and opened his mouth to absorb the unruly power back into his body.

After suppressing the Power of Dragons, he cautiously examined the arcane array below.

Realization dawned on him that instant.

There seemed to be a mighty dragon underneath this arcane array, and it appeared to have a profound connection with him, causing his Power of Dragons to lose control.

Kai carefully inspected the formation and realized that it posed no immediate danger. As long as no one intentionally disrupted the arcane array, it would not strike.

On the contrary, standing on the arcane array could be highly advantageous, as it contained an abundance of power with a gentle and soothing intensity.

The soft white light that had just wrapped around him made him feel relaxed. If not for the sudden agitation of the Power of Dragons launching an assault on the formation, it would not have retaliated.

After observing for a while, Kai gently pressed his hand on a section of the arcane array and sent his spiritual energy into it.


Suddenly, an immense force ejected him from the formation.

Kai got up and began to study the arcane array more closely again.


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