The Mans Decree Chapter 2684

The Mans Decree Chapter 2684-Hosen laughed boisterously. “You’re a wise one. Since you’ve chosen to side with me, I’ll reward you handsomely once they’ve been dealt with.”

Seeing how happy Hosen was, Ebenez smiled as well, only his smile looked a little sinister.

After leaving Hosen’s place, Ebenez went to the warehouse again. He activated the arcane array in the corner and came to a dark space.

There, Faiyar was resting. A few days ago, he had brought his people to kill Kai, and yet, not only did he not succeed, but he had even lost a few of his subordinates. It made Faiyar depressed.

Even when he saw Ebenez, Faiyar merely opened his eyes for a second before closing them again.

“Our chance has come,” Ebenez said to Faiyar, his voice laced with excitement.

“Are you planning to take over Emerald Cauldron Sect?” Faiyar asked.

“Indeed. This is a rare opportunity for us,” Ebenez replied with an affirming nod.

“I’ve just lost a few of my elites. How sure are you that we’ll succeed in taking over Emerald Cauldron Sect? Also, I’m afraid Kai is the most important variable in Emerald Cauldron Sect. He’s a big thorn in the side,” Faiyar said. The very thought of Kai made his head ache.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry. Kai won’t show up again. He’s been trapped in the medicinal pool. He might even be dead! All you need to do is contact everyone you know. Contact them all. Tell them that as long as I take over Emerald Cauldron Sect, they won’t need to stay in the shadows anymore. They’ll get to live openly in Emerald Cauldron Sect. Did Hosen really think that he could maintain his position as the lord just because he was working with the beast race? He’s too naive!” Ebenez said gleefully.

Faiyar nodded. “All right, I’ll gather the people and await your good news.”

When Ebenez left the warehouse, his delight was written all over his face, for his dream was about to come true.

At the bottom of the medicinal pool, Kai finally finished studying the entire arcane array.

If he wanted to deactivate the arcane array, he would have to find the core first. It would be impossible for him to deactivate it forcibly unless he was much more powerful than the arcane array, and with the power he currently possessed, it was clearly impossible for him to deactivate it.

This is such a strange arcane array. Where in the world is its core?

Kai was baffled. He had been searching for hours, but he had yet to see a trace of where its core lay.

Being unable to find it meant that he would not be able to deactivate the arcane array, which also meant that he would be unable to find out what the arcane array was trapping.

Right as Kai was feeling at a loss, ripples suddenly appeared at the side of the arcane array as if someone else had entered the bottom of the pool.

The ripples grew in size, and Kai soon found a glowing figure. It approached him slowly, and a beat later, Kai finally saw that the glowing silhouette was a man in a robe, but that man had horns on top of his head.

Kai grew wary when he realized that the man was walking toward him. He held his Dragonslayer Sword tightly in his hand.

“Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you, and I can’t hurt you anyway. I’m just a powerless projection right now,” the man said to Kai.

Kai used his spiritual sense to shroud the other man’s spiritual sense. Sure enough, he could not sense any aura from the other man’s spiritual sense, a sign that the man was truly just a projection.

Kai finally relaxed and asked, “Who are you? Why are you here?”


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