The Mans Decree Chapter 2685

The Mans Decree Chapter 2685-“You don’t need to know who I am, but I can tell you that I’ve always been here. What this arcane array is trapping is me,” the man revealed.

“You?” Kai gasped in shock, then looked at the horns above the man’s head. “You’re not human, are you? Are you part of the beast race? Are those dragon horns? Are you one of the Draconians?”

Kai had always been called the Golden Dragon’s True Form and the son of a dragon, so he had always assumed that his father had to be a Draconian.

If the man before him was a Draconian, then he would be the first Draconian Kai had ever come across.

At the same time, he could also find out more about his father from the man before him.

However, the man neither confirmed nor deny Kai’s question. He simply smiled and said, “I told you that my identity doesn’t matter. It’s fate that you’re here. If you can deactivate this arcane array, you’ll receive unexpected gains.”

“But this arcane array is too big. I can’t deactivate it,” Kai said gloomily.

He had been studying it for hours, but he still could not figure out where the core was. He could not deactivate it.

Taking in Kai’s look, the man laughed.

“If you can’t deactivate it from here, why don’t you try it from the inside?”

Kai froze. “From the inside?”

He did not quite understand what the man was saying. He would not be able to get inside without deactivating the arcane array in the first place, so how was he supposed to do as the man suggested?

Right as Kai was blinking rapidly in confoundment, the man flicked his wrist, and Kai began floating.

Kai started feeling his blood boiling in his veins as blood seeped out from beneath his skin.

In no time, his surroundings were covered in crimson, and that made Kai tense up and try to struggle.

However, at that moment, the man spoke again. “Don’t struggle. Think of yourself as part of the arcane array…”

Kai dispersed his spiritual sense to let it fuse with the arcane array.

Thousands of light rose from the arcane array and enveloped him.

At that moment, Kai felt like a baby in a womb. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sensation.

Slowly, Kai’s body went down. The arcane array wrapped around him, and he went through the arcane array into another dimension.

When he opened his eyes, he realized that the giant arcane array was now above his head. The arcane array was still glimmering, but he could finally see where the core was.

Kai turned to the man beside him, confused as to how the man had managed to do this.

The man gave him a smile. “Don’t resort to force for every problem you encounter. Try to use your heart to be one with it. You might realize that things are far easier to solve.”

“Be one with it?” Kai frowned, still unable to figure out what the man was trying to tell him.

“All of existence intertwines, complements, and coexists in this world. A vast realm of knowledge awaits your exploration. Do you know where we are now?”

“Aren’t we at the bottom of the medicinal pool?” Kai responded before he turned to survey his surroundings.

He realized that despite the darkness, he could spot dim rays of light flickering a short distance away from them. He finally registered the countless skeleton-like structures around him.

Each structure was as tall as a hill and had a somewhat crystalline texture. Kai reached out to touch it and realized it was cold.

He ran toward the light a distance away from him. Upon approaching it, he realized the light was from a draconic essence.


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