The Mans Decree Chapter 2689

The Mans Decree Chapter 2689-After Sigurd ran outside, he suddenly felt that something was amiss because he sensed dozens of terrifying auras approaching the main hall of Emerald Cauldron Sect from all directions. All the disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect are in the main hall. We don’t even have guards guarding our entrance. If those intruders are here to invade Emerald Cauldron Sect, we’re doomed!

Sigurd quickly hid somewhere. Soon, he saw dozens of weirdly dressed people appearing from all directions. These people have intense auras! The weakest one is at Eighth Level Manifestor!

Those intruders quickly surrounded the main hall of Emerald Cauldron Sect. Surprisingly, they were all just standing motionless outside the main hall. It seemed as though they were waiting for someone’s order.

Seeing that, Sigurd hurried back into the main hall. When he arrived, the main hall had descended into total chaos, and the floor was filled with corpses.

“Stop! Everyone, stop! Something bad has happened! Something bad has happened!” Sigurd shouted at the top of his lungs.

Shortly after, the disciples stopped fighting. Hosen turned to look at Sigurd angrily. “Sigurd, as the eldest disciple, why aren’t you fighting by my side? Where did you go?”

Hosen was livid when he saw that Sigurd wasn’t fighting alongside him.

“Stop fighting, Master! Something bad has happened! An army of men intruded Emerald Cauldron Sect! I think they’re here to attack us!” Sigurd reported to Hosen anxiously.

“What?” Hosen froze momentarily. “Who are the intruders? Did you get a good look?”

Sigurd shook his head. “I don’t know any of them, but they have already surrounded the entire main hall. We can’t afford to keep fighting against each other!”

Sigurd’s words shocked Ghaylen and Viola as well. Who would’ve thought someone would attack Emerald Cauldron Sect on the same day we fought against each other?

The rest of the disciples turned pale with fright, and Hosen was the first to rush out.

Everyone gasped in shock when they arrived outside the main hall to see the dozens of elite fighters.

“Demonic Cultivators?” Ghaylen’s expression changed drastically.

The others knew the intruders were Demonic Cultivators too and started to panic.

For so many years, Demonic Cultivators had been despised by everyone, so none of these cultivators would dare to show themselves in public. Since dozens of Demonic Cultivators had appeared all of a sudden, everyone knew something was up.

“Calm down, everyone. These people are with me. As long as you follow my orders, you’ll be safe,” Ebenez yelled and leaped into the air.

He decided to come clean after seeing how things had progressed.

Both Ghaylen and Hosen had already suffered great losses after the chaotic battle. Knowing that the rest of the pair’s disciples were exhausted, Ebenez thought it was his perfect chance to eliminate all of them at once.

“Why did you bring these Demonic Cultivators here, Ebenez?” Hosen asked, his eyes cold.

“Every dog has its day, Hosen. Since you’ve been the sect leader for quite a few years now, don’t you think it’s my turn? Besides, you only got to where you are today by pulling off despicable tricks. I don’t think you’ll mind me doing this.”

“You…” Hosen was infuriated when he heard that. He had thought he had everything under control. Little did he expect Ebenez to set him up.

“Ebenez, I don’t mind you going after the position. However, colluding with Demonic Cultivators is a grave sin! If the other sects find out, what will they do to you?” Viola shot Ebenez a cold look.

Ebenez burst into raucous laughter. “So what if I collude with Demonic Cultivators? Who here has never done something outrageous to get what you want? How dare you judge me? Today, everyone must obey me if they wish to live! No one’s stopping me from becoming the sect leader!”


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