The Mans Decree Chapter 2691

The Mans Decree Chapter 2691-Kai instantly understood what the man meant. He turned his palm around, and a pale blue flame appeared on it.

He waved his hand, and the blue flame immediately wrapped around the demonic fire.

Both flames merged together, both engulfing each other.

Kai was planning to use his spiritual fire to refine the demonic fire. There’s only one demonic fire. It shouldn’t be too hard to refine it!

However, Kai soon realized that wasn’t the case. Although the demonic fire was just a small ball of flame, it seemed to have unlimited energy.

Even after Kai had almost emptied his spiritual energy, he still couldn’t refine the demonic fire.

On the contrary, he saw that his spiritual fire was slowly getting devoured by the demonic fire.

He gritted his teeth and continued unleashing his spiritual energy. The pale blue spiritual fire burned brighter.

Suddenly, a black flame filled the entire draconic essence. The pale blue spiritual fire was completely engulfed, and even Kai was wrapped in the demonic fire.

The man instantly knitted his brows when he saw that, but there was nothing he could do to help.

After the black flame filled the entire draconic essence, the arcane array that was used to contain the demonic fire suddenly collapsed.

“Oh, no… It’s over. Perhaps this is my fate…” The man heaved a sigh and shut his eyes. At that moment, he was just waiting for the demonic fire to devour him whole.

However, nothing happened after he waited a long while.

The man opened his eyes and saw that there was a faint golden light flickering within the black flame.

“What?” He widened his eyes in bafflement.

He saw that the golden light was shining more and more brightly as it spread outward. Soon, the black flame was suppressed by the golden light.

The entire draconic essence was covered with streaks of light, and around Kai’s body, three draconic essences of different colors were floating in the air.

There was also an enormous arcane array underneath Kai’s feet, and waves of aura surged within it. Along with the continuous burst of the Power of Dragons in the draconic essence, the demonic fire was eventually trapped.

The demonic fire could be seen jostling around, but Kai had completely trapped it within the arcane array.

Rays of light then slowly appeared and shone on the demonic fire like sharp swords. The demonic fire seemed to be in torment.

Kai flipped his palm, and the three draconic essences spun quickly and finally merged into one. A large vortex materialized, and the demonic fire was drawn into it.

Very soon, the demonic fire became increasingly weaker. In the end, the draconic essence in Kai’s body engulfed it, and he swallowed the draconic essence whole.

The man was shocked to the core when he saw Kai swallowing the demonic fire.

After the demonic fire reached Kai’s stomach, he quickly activated the Power of Three and used the demon’s power to guide the demonic fire forward. Since I can’t extinguish the demonic fire, I have no choice but to refine it.

Under Kai’s guidance, the demonic fire arrived in his elixir field. On his elixir field, a symbol of a black flame slowly appeared.

In that instant, Kai felt a surge of power flowing within his body.

“Is this the strength of the demonic fire? It’s an extra tool I can use to defend myself!” Kai smiled when he sensed the power of the demonic fire. The demonic fire is small but has great power. If I can act faster than my opponent, I can launch an attack using this demonic fire and get twice the result with half the effort!


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