The Mans Decree Chapter 2694

The Mans Decree Chapter 2694-“Kai! It’s Kai!” Viola shrieked excitedly when she made out the figure in mid-air.

“It’s Mr. Chance! It’s really him, Master!” Zebediah likewise hollered in jubilation upon seeing that it was Kai.

Tears brimmed in Ghaylen’s eyes and streamed down his face.

Kai isn’t dead! Not only is he still alive, but he also broke through Manifestor! With this, there’s hope of survival for us all!

Contrarily, both Ebenez’s and Faiyar’s expressions turned frightfully grim the instant they realized that Kai had attained a breakthrough.

“Quick, make a move before Kai completes his breakthrough!” Ebenez hastily urged in a bellow.

Faiyar immediately waved a hand. Several Demonic Cultivators charged at Kai with various weapons, attacking him in concert.

Seeing that, Ghaylen and Viola leaped into the air as well.

“Protect Mr. Chance!” Ghaylen roared.

He knew they must keep Kai safe at that moment, for only when he had completed the breakthrough would there be hope for them all.

In a flash, everyone plunged into a chaotic battle in mid-air.

Kai abruptly opened his eyes, upon which an immense burst of aura engulfed the entire Emerald Cauldron Sect.

A few Demonic Cultivators were promptly sent flying, all spewing blood and losing the ability to battle.

On the heels of that, Kai flicked his hand. Thousands of waves of spiritual energy condensed into blades and swiftly shot out.

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

The blades crisscrossed in the air. Failing to dodge in time, the Demonic Cultivators were instantly hit, all falling to the ground while howling in agony.

In the blink of an eye, Ebenez’s disciples and the Demonic Cultivators Faiyar had brought suffered untold casualties and injuries from the flick of Kai’s hand.

Every one of them gaped at Kai with disbelief etched across their features.

They had all risen up and fought, yet they ended up almost annihilated.

The man had merely flicked his hand, but that single move had either wounded or killed most of the Demonic Cultivators.

He had only broken through Manifestor a moment ago to attain the cultivation level of the Body Fusion Realm.

Conversely, the weakest of the Demonic Cultivators were at Eighth Level Manifestors. There were even a number of warriors of the Body Fusion Realm among them. Yet, they could not even withstand a single blow from Kai.

“I… I’m glad you’re still alive, Mr. Chance. This is great!”

As Ghaylen stared at Kai, tears suddenly escaped his eyes.

“Mr. Chance!” Sigurd hurriedly stepped forward and bowed to Kai respectfully.

Kai inclined his head a fraction in return. Then, he asked, “What exactly happened here? Why are there so many Demonic Cultivators?”

He was unaware that Ebenez had also been plotting and scheming to seize the position of sect leader.

“Here’s what happened, Mr. Chance…”

Ghaylen proceeded to narrate the chain of events to the man in detail.

After listening to the entire story, Kai could not help swinging his gaze at Ebenez with a hint of admiration in his eyes.

He had never expected the latter to be meticulous to the point of fooling both Ghaylen and Hosen.

“Your plan was impeccable. Regretfully, you forgot to take me into consideration,” he said with a sneer, his eyes fixed on the man.

Ebenez glowered at Kai, his face as dark as thunder. Never in his wildest imagination did he expect him to survive, much less experience a breakthrough.

Unfortunately, the indications of the breakthrough of Manifestor were simply too subtle.

“Don’t think that you’re all high and mighty just because you abruptly made a move and killed some of my subordinates. No matter who comes today, nobody can stop me from taking the position of sect leader,” he hissed through gritted teeth. Subsequently, he turned to Faiyar and said, “I’ll leave Kai to you. So long as you kill him, you have free rein of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s resources!”

Faiyar instantly gave a dip of his head. He regarded Kai coldly and stated, “Kid, I failed to kill you the previous time, but I won’t allow you to escape again this time.”

After he said that, raging flames erupted all over him. He shot his palms forward, and an inferno swept toward Kai like a tidal wave.

Knowing that Kai’s capabilities had improved, he utilized his ultimate technique right off the bat.


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