The Mans Decree Chapter 2696

The Mans Decree Chapter 2696-The substance was viscous. When the droplets fell onto Kai’s body, they sizzled and smoked, leaving a deep burn wound on Kai’s skin.

Kai frowned and activated Golem Body. The golden scales soon covered his body and protected him like golden armor.

However, the black droplets still burned when they landed on Kai. In fact, it started damaging the golden scales of Golem Body.

“What the f*ck? What is this? Why is it so annoying?” Kai cursed as he swiftly retreated from the area.

Like phosphorus, when the droplets touched him, they began heating and burning up. He could not get rid of them from his body.

Faiyar cackled. “Are you trying to run? That’s impossible. This is liquid black phosphorus condensed by demonic fire. There’s no way you can extinguish it.”

When he waved his hand, countless drops of liquid black phosphorus splashed in Kai’s direction again.

Kai quickly unleashed a large amount of spiritual energy to form a transparent shield around him.


The liquid black phosphorus soon burned through the shield and started corroding Kai’s Golem Body again.

Staring at the liquid black phosphorus, Kai realized that he had been forced into a defensive position. He had never expected Faiyar to be so skilled in his control of the demonic fire.

“Hahaha! Give up! Nothing can resist the incineration of the liquid black phosphorus. You’ll be turned into ashes!”

Faiyar laughed maniacally. From what he observed, Kai was already at his limits. Soon, victory would be his.

All of a sudden, an idea occurred to Kai, and his eyes lit up.

“It’s too early to celebrate. You’re not the only one with demonic fire. I have it too. Let’s see whose demonic fire is stronger!”

With that, Kai channeled the demonic fire in his elixir field to his palm.

Faiyar could see a black demonic fire dancing on Kai’s palm.

“Demonic fire? That’s really a demonic fire. Why do you have that?”

Faiyar could not believe it. How can Kai possibly have a demonic fire?

After all, only Inferno Devils could have it. Only Inferno Devils could cultivate demonic fire, and yet, Kai, a human, had a demonic fire too.

Faiyar looked at Kai in shock. He could sense that, despite the weak appearance of the demonic fire in Kai’s palm, the power it held was one not to be underestimated.

“Could this be the Inferno Devil’s elder’s Flame of Sanctitude?”

At that very moment, Faiyar’s mouth was wide as fear crept into his eyes. He could already sense the difference between his and Kai’s demonic fire.

However, Kai did not know anything about the Inferno Devil’s elder’s Flame of Sanctitude. All he knew was that the flame he had was a demonic fire.

“If I can’t shield myself from your liquid black phosphorus, I’ll just burn them all!”

With that, Kai waved his hands, making that flame rush toward the liquid black phosphorus droplets.

When the droplets of liquid black phosphorus touched the demonic fire, it began to spark. Then, all of them exploded into tiny flames.

While the liquid black phosphorus caught on fire, dark fog surrounded the area.

Once the liquid black phosphorus droplets were burning, they no longer posed much of a threat to Kai.

His demonic fire started passing through the flames, absorbing them to strengthen itself.

In no time, the demonic fire that was the size of a palm grew. Even the flames kept rising.


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