The Mans Decree Chapter 2698

The Mans Decree Chapter 2698-Faiyar did not know if the Sacred Light Fist was a demon’s ultimate technique, but the power unleashed by this punch filled him with extreme fear.

Faiyar quickly retreated, and as he did, a strange aura emanated from him.

The strange aura spread out in all directions, causing the air in the surrounding space to contract rapidly.

“Dual Flames of Infinity!” Faiyar roared, and the rapidly contracting air exploded violently.

For a moment, the void trembled, and Kai’s surroundings were plunged into darkness.

Faiyar had brought Kai into another space. He had used teleportation magecraft.

Kai saw that Faiyar’s body had begun to burn, but the flames were of two different colors: black and white. With Faiyar’s forehead as the center, two distinct flames formed.

The flames on both sides of Faiyar’s body trembled, then continuously merged and condensed.

In the pitch-black space, a massive Circle of Duality appeared above Kai’s head. It was made of two different flames.

A terrifying and incomparable power emanated from the Circle of Duality, enveloping Kai’s body.

Kai was trapped within the teleportation magecraft and had no way to dodge it.

Faiyar laughed maniacally at the sight of him restraining Kai. “Even though I don’t know where you stole the Inferno Devil’s elder’s demonic fire from, when it comes to using and understanding demonic fire, you still have a long way to go. Even if you possess the Inferno Devil’s elder’s demonic fire, you won’t be able to use it, let alone defeat me with it!”

The Dual Flames of Infinity was one of the most formidable techniques of the Inferno Devils, and there were not many who had mastered this technique. Faiyar had gone through hardships to somewhat grasp the concept of the Dual Flames of Infinity.

However, even with just a partial understanding of the technique, it was more than enough to deal with Kai, who had just reached Body Fusion Realm. It was overkill, in fact.

Kai felt the pressure from above as he looked at the Circle of Duality that kept rotating downward. However, he remained motionless and sat down cross-legged.

Since he couldn’t escape from the teleportation magecraft, he decided to sit down.

The demonic fire started burning around his body, and his spiritual sense rapidly spread out, gradually meeting Faiyar’s attack of the Dual Flames of Infinity.

Since this technique also belonged to the Inferno Devils, Kai felt that he could refine the demonic fire and make use of this technique.

As Faiyar had pointed out, even though Kai now possessed a strand of the Inferno Devil’s elder’s demonic fire, he did not know how to use it effectively. He lacked a complete understanding of demonic fire, so he wanted to learn some moves from Faiyar.

When Faiyar saw Kai face his Dual Flames of Infinity without any intention to dodge, he was completely stunned.

Did this guy give up because he realized that escape was impossible?

Faiyar couldn’t understand why Kai wasn’t resisting.

Although the Dual Flames of Infinity was powerful, Faiyar had only grasped the surface of it. It did not make sense for Kai to give up resisting at the first encounter.

Faiyar looked at Kai warily, afraid that the latter might be pulling some tricks.

But when the Circle of Duality with two-colored flames landed above Kai’s head, Kai remained motionless.

He allowed the two-colored flames to engulf him.

Kai’s figure became increasingly faint as if he was being absorbed by the Circle of Duality.

Seeing that, Faiyar finally let out a sigh of relief.

However, just as Faiyar was preparing to lift the spell, he suddenly realized that the Dual Flames of Infinity, which was burning before, was slowly extinguishing.

Kai slowly stood up, his gaze dark and fixed on Faiyar.

Faiyar was shocked. He saw that the flames around Kai’s body had turned into two colors: pale blue a


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