The Mans Decree Chapter 2700

The Mans Decree Chapter 2700-Kai could not help but be moved by Faiyar’s words. He had little knowledge of the demons in the Ethereal Realm, let alone the lineage of the Inferno Devil. He knew nothing about it at all.

If Kai were to ramp up the demonic fire in his body, he would have to look for Demonic Cultivators who belonged to the Inferno Devil lineage.

“Fine. I’ll spare your life.” After speaking, he retracted his demonic fire, and in one swift motion, he devoured Faiyar’s primordial demonic fire.

Next, using his spiritual energy, Kai sealed Faiyar’s primordial demonic fire and tossed it directly into his consciousness field.

Doing so allowed Kai to communicate with him more effectively, and he could also obtain some information about the Inferno Devil’s lineage from Faiyar.

After he subdued Faiyar, the teleportation magecraft began to tremble and collapse right away.

Gazing at the wobbly teleportation magecraft, Kai flashed an indifferent smirk. He then waved his hand, unleashing an outpouring of spiritual energy in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the teleportation magecraft shattered, and Kai’s figure gradually took form.

The crowd had been watching the battle between Kai and Faiyar closely. Although the battle took place within the teleportation magecraft, the violent vibrations in the void still allowed everyone to sense the intensity of their fierce exchange.

With the collapse of the teleportation magecraft, everyone knew the battle between the two had come to an end.

“Faiyar must have won because he inherited the ultimate skills from the Inferno Devil’s lineage.” Ebenez, upon seeing the shattered teleportation magecraft, showed a glimmer of joy.

To him, Faiyar was the one who set up the teleportation magecraft, so he was definitely capable of optimizing his skills to slay Kai.

The collapse of the space indicated that the battle had ended. Ebenez was confident that Faiyar had defeated Kai.

Upon hearing Ebenez’s remark, Ghaylen, Viola, and the others were all stunned. They fervently hoped that Kai would come out of the space unharmed.

“Mr. Samoll, Ms. Viola, don’t worry. I’m sure Mr. Chance will be fine. He’ll come out of it alive.” Sigurd spoke with unwavering confidence.

“Why are you so certain?” Ghaylen looked at Sigurd with great curiosity as he had consistently made accurate predictions. It seems he has always had absolute faith in Kai.

“Yeah, how can you be so sure that Kai will be stepping out of the space?” Viola, too, cast a doubtful glance at Sigurd.

Sigurd responded with a wry smile. At this point, he thought he might as well tell them the truth. “My bodily spirit is in Mr. Chance’s hands. If something had truly happened to him, I would have been dead now.”

Ghaylen and Viola were momentarily taken aback, but seconds later, their faces lit up with joy.

Ghaylen finally understood why Sigurd always carried out Kai’s orders and treated his disciples well even though he was Hosen’s principal disciple.

It turned out that Kai held control over Sigurd’s bodily spirit, leaving him with no choice but to obey him.

As Sigurd finished speaking, Kai’s figure became clearer and finally appeared before everyone.

“It’s Mr. Chance. It really is Mr. Chance!” Zebediah exclaimed in excitement.

Ghaylen and Viola were also shaking when they saw Kai.

All eyes were fixed on Kai with astonishment. He had just experienced a breakthrough and made it to the Body Fusion Realm not long ago, yet he still managed to defeat Faiyar. The crowd could not believe their eyes.

Ebenez’s face revealed sheer disbelief as he looked at Kai. Then, he scanned the area around him to see if Faiyar was still alive.

“Don’t bother looking for him anymore. He’s been reduced to ashes,” Kai responded, a cold smirk forming on his lips.

Kai’s words sent Ebenez and the Demonic Cultivators who followed Faiyar into a state of panic.

Faiyar’s death served as evidence that Kai’s strength surpassed his. The sheer shock left the Demonic Cultivators that Faiyar had brought to the scene trembling and devoid of fighting spirit.


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