The Mans Decree Chapter 2701

The Mans Decree Chapter 2701-“Let’s not panic! I know how powerful Faiyar is. Kai must have used some underhanded trick during the combat. Even if he defeated Faiyar, he must have also sustained heavy injuries. There’s no need to fear him! You guys should seize this opportunity to avenge Faiyar!” Ebenez raised his voice, fearing that all the Demonic Cultivators might flee.

Upon hearing that, those who had lost their fighting spirit instantly came to their senses.

The battle between Kai and Faiyar was truly awe-inspiring. Even if Kai had killed Faiyar, it was unlikely for him to emerge unscathed from the teleportation magecraft. Perhaps he’s at his weakest, pretending to be nonchalant while trying to hide all his severe injuries!

Kai glared at Ebenez, his eyes filled with disdain. “Even if I’m injured, I can still kill you with the snap of a finger. Do you dare to fight me?”

Kai deliberately taunted Ebenez. Since Ebenez claimed he was injured and posed no danger to the other Demonic Cultivators, he intentionally provoked him.

If Ebenez dared to accept the challenge, Kai could effortlessly defeat him in a one-on-one battle. However, if Ebenez refused, those Demonic Cultivators would surely doubt him for what he had said earlier.

Ebenez did not anticipate Kai to make this move. He had intended to pitch the Demonic Cultivators against Kai, but now, Ebenez had no choice but to take him on.

Ebenez was well aware of the stakes. If he did not agree to Kai’s challenge, he would risk losing the trust of his disciples.

“Kai, don’t get too cocky. What do I have to fear? I can kill you easily. Now, watch me!” Ebenez’s eyes were filled with murderous intent as he lunged at Kai.

Ebenez knew all he needed to do now was to get rid of Kai. If he could kill Kai, Ghaylen, Viola, and the others would lose their will to fight instantly.

“I can’t believe you dare to take me on. You’re not even half as capable as Faiyar, and you think you can kill me?” A corner of Kai’s lips quirked up. His sarcastic remark further fueled Ebenez’s anger.

As a glint flashed across Ebenez’s eyes, golden flying swords materialized out of thin air. Countless flying swords took shape instantly, forming a powerful storm that surrounded Kai.

“Want to challenge me in a sword fight, huh? I’m afraid you’ve overestimated your ability,” Kai sneered and swiftly drew his Dragonslayer Sword.

Although Zelda, the sword spirit, had yet to recover fully, this legendary sword still surpassed any ordinary divine weapons.

Kai waved the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand, and the sky was instantly filled with overwhelming sword energy.

Ebenez’s flying swords clashed with Kai’s sword energy, creating deafening noises that made the ground tremble violently.

Ebenez was wounded by the terrifying sword energy and sent flying backward.

Regardless of whether Kai was injured or not, that single strike made Ebenez realize he was no match for him.

“Guys, join me! Once we get rid of Kai, we’ll rule over Emerald Cauldron Sect!” Knowing that he was incapable of defeating Kai, Ebenez called his disciples and the Demonic Cultivators to attack Kai.

However, no matter how Ebenez shouted, not a single person responded to his call.

The situation clearly indicated that Ebenez was bound to be defeated. Who would be foolish enough to follow him to their deaths?

The Demonic Cultivators brought by Faiyar ignited their demonic fire and disappeared without a trace in an instant. Kai did not bother to pursue them either.

On the other hand, Ebenez’s disciples all knelt down and surrendered, begging Viola to spare their lives.

Upon noticing that, Ebenez fell into madness. He had planned this for a long time but ended up failing t


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