The Mans Decree Chapter 2703

The Mans Decree Chapter 2703-Amid his quandary, Kai suddenly caught sight of a fleeting shadow whisking past the window.

“Who’s there?” Kai demanded, his brows knitting together in a frown as he cautiously narrowed his eyes.

The door creaked open at that moment, and Viola slowly entered, carrying a porcelain vial.

“Kai, thank you for helping me out. These are some high-grade pills retrieved from Emerald Cauldron Sect’s inventory. They will aid your cultivation. Take it as a token of my heartfelt thanks,” she said in a small voice, placing the porcelain vial on the table.

“Thank you, Ms. Warwick.” Without any pretense of modesty, Kai accepted the gift. The pills of Emerald Cauldron Sect were indeed invaluable.

However, in accepting them, he came to a decision. He could not destroy the medicinal pool by absorbing all the spiritual energy. Hence, he could only relinquish his plans of further enhancing his powers there.

After handing the pills to Kai, Viola did not leave. Instead, she took a seat across the table, her gaze trained on him.

Under the lambent light, her figure, swathed in a crimson dress, was brought forth in an alluring play of shadow and light. Even her undergarments were faintly visible.

“Ms. Warwick, if there’s nothing else, I am going to take my rest,” Kai uttered with a note of dismissal, especially when he noticed that Viola seemingly didn’t intend to leave.

“Do you not feel anything for me, Kai? You may be surrounded by many women, but none can serve you right now. I can. In fact, I can do anything you want. Just say the word. I am now the leader of Emerald Cauldron Sect. Surely, my company wouldn’t lower your status, would it?” Viola implored boldly.

At Viola’s blunt words, Kai hurriedly shook his head. “You mustn’t harbor such thoughts. I’ve assisted you, but I’ve also gained from Emerald Cauldron Sect. We’re even. You need not feel indebted to me. I’m really tired and have to rest now…”

Kai reiterated his dismissal. He wouldn’t do anything to Viola. Despite her evident infatuation for him, he was certain it was devoid of true love.

Viola was only offering herself to keep him by her side.

Such a calculated offer held no allure for Kai.

Seeing Kai’s firm resolve, Viola bit her lip and stealthily withdrew the aphrodisiac given to her by Ghaylen.

As she opened the bottle, a faint, fragrant aroma pervaded the room.

She carefully gauged Kai’s reaction.

However, he remained still, betraying no change.

He had sensed the aphrodisiac the moment Viola opened the bottle. His body, impervious to almost anything, was unaffected by the menial drug.

Viola, however, flushed beet red under the aphrodisiac’s influence. Her eyes were glazed with desire, making her look even more seductive.

“Kai, I’m so hot… Please help me…”

Viola suddenly shed her dress, throwing herself onto Kai.

Kai caught her swiftly, preventing her from falling. His eyes met the porcelain smoothness of her bare skin as she passionately ripped at his clothes.

“Hurry up… Kai… Please…”

Just then, there was a knock on his door.

Kai turned to the drugged Viola, and with a swift strike to her neck, rendered her unconscious.

He hastily clothed her before shifting so she lay sprawled on the table before answering the door.

“Sigurd? What brings you here at this late hour?” Kai asked, surprised to see him at his doorstep.


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