The Mans Decree Chapter 2704

The Mans Decree Chapter 2704-“Mr. Chance, I would like to seek your counsel on something. May I come in?” Sigurd asked.


Kai hesitated. After all, Viola was still in his room, and Sigurd might misunderstand if he saw her there.

Just then, Sigurd caught sight of Viola, adorned in a gown of brilliant red that was impossible to miss, lying draped across a table.

“Ah, the sect leader is here. I’m sorry for imposing. I shall return another day, Mr. Chance…”

Sigurd hurriedly apologized and turned to leave.

“Don’t go!” Kai halted Sigurd.

He knew that if left unclarified, Sigurd would most certainly misinterpret that something was going on between him and Viola. The news of Viola’s presence in his room late at night would definitely spread like wildfire through Emerald Cauldron Sect.

Kai didn’t wish for people to misunderstand, nor did he wish for Viola’s reputation to be tarnished as a result of it.

After all, it was possible that Viola might ride on the misunderstanding to force him to get together with her, and Kai would be left with no other choice but to comply by then.

“Please, come in. Ms. Warwick merely stopped by to offer her thanks and perhaps enjoyed one too many drinks…”

Kai pulled Sigurd into the room and continued, “Please send two of your disciples to escort Ms. Warwick back.”

Once inside, Sigurd noticed that Viola was indeed in a deep slumber, her attire untouched. Realizing his mistake, he promptly summoned two disciples to see her back to her room.

And then, Kai and Sigurd were left alone.

All of a sudden, Sigurd dropped to his knees. “Mr. Chance, now that you have soaked in the medicinal pool, are you going to leave Emerald Cauldron Sect? Where will you go next?”

“I haven’t given it much thought. Why are you asking me these?” Kai cast a puzzled look at Sigurd.

“Mr. Chance, I have come to see that your power is as deep and mysterious as the ocean’s abyss. I wish to follow you and become your humble follower,” Sigurd said sincerely.

“You wish to follow me?” Kai’s eyes widened. “And give up your recently crowned title as an elder?”

“I would rather follow you than become an elder. Whether as an elder or a common cultivator, the ultimate goal is to ascend to immortality. Even if I am already an elder of Emerald Cauldron Sect, I will never attain my goal, so I’d rather serve you, Mr. Chance!” Sigurd reasoned in a determined tone.

“How are you so sure that following me will help you attain immortality? Even I know not if I will attain immortality, let alone guarantee that for you,” Kai said with a thin smile.

“I believe that with you, I will achieve immortality,” Sigurd declared without hesitation.

“Haha, you place too much faith in me. Let me warn you. I don’t know if you will ever achieve immortality following me, but it’s almost certain that you might lose your life earlier than you think. The dangers I face are beyond your imagination, so you’re better off staying as the elder of Emerald Cauldron Sect. Even after you attain immortality, you will experience no significant difference to the life you’re living right now. What’s more important is leading a meaningful life,” Kai advised.

He knew well the risks that lay ahead. If Sigurd followed him, Sigurd might not live long.

His immediate concern was to retrieve Divine Bow at Norwal City. It was a task fraught with danger as it was even more formidable than Yuven’s Imperial Beast City.

Despite that, Kai’s resolve was unwavering. No matter how dangerous it was, he was adamant about retrieving Divine Bow. Without it, and with his sword spirit, Zelda, injured and Dragonslayer Sword weakened, he would be left without a suitable weapon.


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