The Mans Decree Chapter 2705

The Mans Decree Chapter 2705-Kai was keenly aware that the right weapon could bolster one’s strength in an instant. His only complete tool was Dragon Bell, yet he knew he couldn’t unveil its powers too frequently.

After all, he had an arduous journey ahead. He was going to search for Josephine and the others, as well as attempt a perilous rescue of Divine Smithing Sect’s leader from Fire Incineration Sect. Each endeavor held the potential for devastating loss. Hence, he couldn’t allow Sigurd to accompany him.

In silent contemplation, Sigurd knelt on the ground, digesting Kai’s advice. After a brief pause, he uttered his gratitude, “Thank you for your wisdom, Mr. Chance. I understand now…”

His newfound enlightenment sparked a light in his eyes as he rose. Sigurd thanked Kai once more, then withdrew from the room.

Left alone once again, Kai sat cross-legged, replaying the day’s battles in the quiet of his mind.

He acknowledged the grim truth—if he hadn’t broken through in the medicinal pool, and if he hadn’t gained demonic fire, his fight with Faiyar would have held little chance of victory.

His power, despite being already unmatched in the mundane world, seemed insignificant in this Ethereal Realm. This world was teeming with powerful entities. Even Kai, at the beginner-phase Body Fusion Realm, had to tread carefully.

Right then, Kai yearned for nothing more than to pass Tribulator. As long as he managed to cross Tribulator, it would allow him to comprehend the source of existence, setting him vastly apart from the cultivators yet to pass Tribulator.

Having passed Tribulator, he would be half-immortal, understanding the primal essence of heaven and earth. By then, regardless of technique, magecraft, or even his control over demonic fire, everything would ascend to new heights.

His spiritual sense and cognition would also be greatly elevated.

However, passing Tribulator was far from easy. Countless cultivators had perished, their decades or even centuries of effort worth nothing in the end.

I wonder how things are going with the mundane world…

Kai let out a sigh when he thought about his mother, Cecilia, Flaxseed, and the others in the mundane world.

With the collapse of the secret realm and the resurrection of spiritual energy in the mundane world, Kai was uncertain about the future of martial arts in the mundane world, as well as the potential conflicts stirred by the revival of spiritual energy.

Finally, overthinking brought a headache upon him, and he chose to dismiss his worries, surrendering to the comfort of sleep.

As Kai rested, Norwal City’s palace still hummed with life, the brilliant lights illuminating the grand hall.

Lucian sat on the throne, and by his side was a distinguished guest.

It was none other than Yuven.

“King Lucian, I apologize for my impromptu visit and hope you won’t take offense,” began Yuven, his tone dripping with deference.

Chuckling heartily, Lucian replied, “King Yuven, what’s this formality between us?”

“Indeed. We have been neighbors for many years. Such courtesies are unnecessary. I am here today to discuss a marriage proposal. My daughter is of age, and I wonder if you are interested in becoming my in-law?” Yuven queried.

“Absolutely,” Lucian responded cheerily. “Becoming in-laws with you is my honor, King Yuven. Not to mention, my son has been fond of your daughter for quite some time.”

He turned and called out, “Xandros, come and meet your future father-in-law…”

A young man with refined brows, bright eyes, and skin as delicate as a girl’s quickly entered.

He knelt before Yuven. The excitement was evident on his face. “Greetings, Father.”

“Haha, rise, Xandros. There’s no need for such grand gestures,” Yuven hurriedly helped him to his feet.

Turning to Lucian, he proposed, “King Lucian, I believe it’s best if the wedding takes place sooner rather than later. Let Xandros accompany me back to Imperial Beast City tomorrow, and we’ll bring the bride over.”

“Agreed,” replied Lucian, as he nodded in approval. He then addressed Xandros, “Xandros, bring your father-in-law to his room so he can get some rest. Tomorrow, you will go to Imperial Beast City with him and bring Ivasha back.”

“Understood.” Xandros nodded before leading Yuven away.


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