The Mans Decree Chapter 2708

The Mans Decree Chapter 2708-“Take this. This is Emerald Cauldron Sect’s token. There’s only one such token, and whoever possesses it can exercise the same authority as the sect leader. You can return to Emerald Cauldron Sect anytime you want. We will always welcome you, and I will always wait for you,” Viola said.

Kai received the token, and when their hands intertwined, she held onto his hand for a long while, feeling the warmth of his hands.

At that moment, Kai also felt a little dazed. I’ll feel guilty for making a girl wait for me for the rest of her life. Even so, there are just too many things I have to attend to now. I can’t linger in Emerald Cauldron Sect for too long, nor am I able to provide happiness for Viola.

It was already difficult enough for Kai to keep himself safe in Ethereal Realm. If he truly got together with Viola, she would also be thrust into danger. Unable to bring himself to do something as selfish as that, Kai steeled his resolution and broke away from her grasp.

Then, he tucked the exquisite token into his pocket.

Just as they released each other’s hands, Ghaylen entered the room.

At the sight of Viola’s reddened face, he hurriedly flashed a sheepish smile and said, “Excuse me. I must’ve gone into the wrong room.”

Ghaylen thought Kai and Viola were sharing an intimate moment and didn’t want to disturb them.

“Mr. Samoll, is there something you need?” When Ghaylen was about to leave, Viola stopped him.

“Ms. Warwick, I’m just here to inform you that as you’ve just assumed the leader’s position, you should hold a meeting with the higher-ups in Emerald Cauldron Sect on the first day,” Ghaylen replied.

“Okay. I got it.” Viola nodded.

“You can attend the meeting too, Mr. Chance, since your status in Emerald Cauldron Sect is already higher than an elder like me now,” Ghaylen said to Kai.

“I won’t be participating as I’ll be taking my leave,” Kai responded with a smile.

“You’re leaving, Mr. Chance?” Ghaylen was stunned, then asked in confusion, “Why are you in such a hurry to leave? We haven’t even opened the medicinal treasury yet. If you need it, I can unlock it for you anytime.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll visit your medicinal treasury when I have the chance. I have a few friends I’ve been separated from for a long time, and I haven’t heard from them at all, so I need to locate them as soon as possible,” Kai answered.

“Do you know about your friends’ whereabouts?” Ghaylen probed further.

Kai shook his head.

Ghaylen furrowed his brows. “Since you don’t know where they are, it’ll be difficult for you to locate them. I’ve been in Emerald Cauldron Sect for decades, yet I’ve yet to familiarize myself with every part of this world. I’ve only heard that Ethereal Realm’s north and south poles are hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart. There are countless sects, towns, cities, and even nations. It will be an arduous journey to find your friends without having any idea where they are.”

Hearing that, Kai couldn’t help but sigh. Ethereal Realm is indeed too expansive. It’ll be very challenging for me to find Josephine and the others. Still, I won’t give up!

“No matter where they are, I will find them.” Kai’s eyes shone with determination.

Taking in his resolve, Viola seemed to realize something, so she asked, “Is the friend you’re referring to your girlfriend?”

Kai glanced at her and merely nodded in silence.

“No wonder you’re unwilling to stay. It turns out you’re searching for your girlfriend. Nevertheless, I will keep my word. I will always wait for you,” Viola uttered firmly.

Kai didn’t dare to meet her eyes. He was afraid he would become soft-hearted and reluctant to leave.

“All right. I should go now. Feel free to contact me if anything comes up.” With that, Kai turned around and left the room, scared of lingering any longer.

Viola watched his retreating figure from behind and muttered to herself, “Kai, I’ll always wait for you…”

Seeing Viola’s demeanor, Ghaylen, who was standing nearby, could only sigh and shake his head as he l


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