The Mans Decree Chapter 2709

The Mans Decree Chapter 2709-Meanwhile, Yuven had brought Xandros back to Imperial Beast City.

In order to show his sincerity, Xandros brought tons of gifts and had dozens of his subjects with him.

Tigerus, the general of the royal guards in Imperial Beast City, personally welcomed them when they arrived at the gate.

However, the look on his face changed when he saw Xandros.

He knew how much Xandros liked Ivasha, and he also knew that Yuven intended to have Ivasha marry Xandros.

As such, Tigerus figured Xandros must have come to marry Ivasha when he saw the huge amount of gifts.

Unfortunately for Tigerus, his status as a royal guard was far too low compared to that of Xandros, who was a prince.

Not wanting to stick around and watch Xandros marry Ivasha, Tigerus left with a grumpy look on his face after bringing Yuven and Xandros into the city.

Ivasha came running over when she saw that Yuven had returned. “Father, you’re back? Where have you been? Why didn’t you bring me with you?”

“Ivasha!” Xandros called out to her happily the moment he saw her.

When Ivasha saw Xandros, however, the smile on her face vanished in an instant. “Xandros? What are you doing here in Imperial Beast City?” she asked with an icy-cold expression.

“How could you speak to Xandros like that, Ivasha? I went to Norwal City to make a marriage proposal on your behalf. Xandros came back with me to marry you,” Yuven said.

Ivasha’s brow furrowed when she heard that. “Who told you to marry me to Xandros, Father? I don’t even like him! Did you even ask me for my opinion before making that decision? Anyway, I’m not marrying Xandros! You can marry him if you like him that much! I already have someone I like!” Ivasha snapped at him before storming off angrily.

“That girl sure is getting out of hand!”

Yuven was so angry that his face turned red.

Xandros’ expression turned gloomy after hearing what Ivasha said, but he was quick to regain his composure and said, “There’s no need to rush this, Father. I will make sure Ivasha falls in love with me.”

“Ivasha turned out like this because I spoiled her too much. You should stay here for a while, Xandros. Things will turn out just fine after you two take some time to bond with each other,” Yuven replied.

Xandros nodded. “Understood. I will do my best!”

Yuven then had someone arrange accommodation for Xandros and his subjects. In the meantime, Xandros kept trying to chat Ivasha up, but all she did was roll her eyes at him in response.

Instead of getting angry or dissuaded, Xandros persistently tried to talk to Ivasha.

Yuven then spent the next day resting. All he wanted was for Ivasha to change her mind and marry Xandros so Imperial Beast City would be able to ally with Norwal City.

If the two cities joined forces, then he and his people would no longer have anything to fear. On top of that, Yuven would also be powerful enough to expand his territory by attacking and conquering those of the other archons.

Yuven was about to fall asleep when Julius came in and reported, “Your Majesty, Mr. Chance is requesting to see you.”

Upon hearing that Kai was here, Yuven leaped to his feet and rushed out the door.

While others were unaware of Kai’s identity, Yuven knew full well that he was the overlord, so he didn’t dare keep Kai waiting.

Julius had confusion written all over his face when he saw Yuven rushing out to meet Kai. He couldn’t understand why Yuven respected Kai so much that he would welcome the latter personally.


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