The Mans Decree Chapter 2710

The Mans Decree Chapter 2710-“Mr. Chance!” Yuven greeted Kai politely with a bow when he saw the latter.

Julius was shocked speechless and kept his head low as he watched from behind.

As Kai had some questions for Yuven, he didn’t let Julius follow them as they headed into Imperial Beast City.

After entering a private room, Kai got straight to the point and asked, “Yuven, how well do you know Norwal City?”

Yuven was a little surprised when he heard Kai ask about Norwal City all of a sudden. “I know quite a lot about Norwal City, My Lord. King Lucian and I are neighbors, so I deal with him very often. By the way, I have just returned from Norwal City. I am planning to have my daughter marry King Lucian’s son. That way, both our families will be united in marriage, and the beast race will have more authority. May I ask why you are interested in Norwal City, My Lord?”

“What do you think of King Lucian, then?” Kai asked after giving it some thought.

“He is extremely power-hungry, greedy, and will do anything to achieve his goals,” Yuven replied, revealing Lucian’s characteristics without any hesitation whatsoever.

Kai froze and stared at him in confusion. “If he is as bad as you say, then why would you have your daughter marry his son?”

Yuven let out a wry chuckle as he explained, “You may not know this, My Lord, but I don’t really have a choice in this matter. If I don’t do so and unite our families through marriage, someone else might. When that happens, Imperial Beast City will have no means of defending itself and be conquered by them. As such, I have no choice but to sacrifice my daughter. On top of that, if we ally with Norwal City, we will be able to join forces and attack Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s Hawk King Cave. The Hawk King Cave contains a heavenly thunder tree that is tens of thousands of years old. According to legend, the heavenly thunder tree has been struck by heavenly thunder eighty-one times and survived. The heavenly thunder fruit is a great resource for cultivation!”

Yuven’s eyes were filled with greed when he mentioned the heavenly thunder tree.

“Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk? Heavenly thunder tree? Is Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk one of the three kings and four archons?” Kai asked with a confused frown.

Yuven shook his head. “No. Apart from us three archons and four kings, there are many other beast races out there that are out of our jurisdiction. Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk is one of them. He is outside of Imperial Beast City and Norwal City’s jurisdiction. He refuses to listen to anyone simply because he has the heavenly thunder tree in his cave. Many have coveted the heavenly thunder tree over the years, but none have succeeded. Eventually, people just stopped going after Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk altogether. The strong prey upon the weak in this world, after all. Both King Lucian and I have thought about attacking Hawk King Cave in the past, but neither of us dared make a move because we also had to watch out for each other. Now that Imperial Beast City and Norwal City are going to team up, however, we will be able to take on Hawk King Cave and share the heavenly thunder tree!”

After hearing Yuven’s explanation, Kai finally understood the situation. Demon beasts like Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk were most likely similar to rogue cultivators in that they refused to conform to existing forces.

“How sincere do you think King Lucian is in collaborating with you through this arranged marriage?” Kai asked.

“I… I have no idea,” Yuven replied while shaking his head.

Little did Yuven know, the arranged marriage was nothing but a ruse. What Lucian really wanted was to take over Imperial Beast City.

“I think you should hold off on your collaboration with Norwal City. They stole something from me, so I need to get it back first,” Kai said.


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  1. Almost every tree in history has survived being struck by thunder hundreds of times. Sound waves don’t do any damage. The author might want to consider lightning as a more impressive alternative.

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