The Mans Decree Chapter 2711

The Mans Decree Chapter 2711-“What did Norwal City steal from you, My Lord? Perhaps I can request it on your behalf instead,” Yuven asked.

“Given what you’ve said about King Lucian, I doubt he’d be willing to return it. You see, it was my Divine Bow that he stole,” Kai replied coldly.

Yuven gasped in shock the moment he heard that. “Divine Bow?”

Divine Bow is an ancient divine weapon that many can only dream of obtaining! I can’t believe Kai owns it!

“So, do you think King Lucian will return my Divine Bow if you request for it?” Kai asked.

Yuven shook his head in response. “I doubt King Lucian would return any divine weapon he got his hands on, let alone Divine Bow. I am curious, though. How did you know that it was King Lucian who stole your Divine Bow, My Lord?”

Kai let out a chuckle. “My Divine Bow was stolen by Mole Monsters, and Imperial Beast City and Norwal City are the only places where one would find Mole Monsters. I asked Ivasha about this. She told me that the ones in Imperial Beast City would never steal, so I am certain that the Mole Monsters who stole my Divine Bow were from Norwal City.

“That is correct. I have ordered the Mole Monsters here not to steal anything, so it is highly likely that your Divine Bow is with King Lucian. I have brought his son, Xandros, over to Imperial Beast City, though. He even brought tons of gifts for the marriage proposal. How should I cancel the arranged marriage? King Lucian will surely be unhappy if I just send his son back.”

Their conversation was interrupted when Ivasha barged in and said with a displeased look on her face, “I will talk to Xandros about this myself, Father. I never liked him, to begin with, but you insisted on having me marry him anyway.”

“Ivasha, I… I was only doing it for Imperial Beast City’s sake!” Yuven replied with a sigh.

I know that Prince Xandros is just as cruel as King Lucian, but I have to sacrifice my daughter for the sake of Imperial Beast City!

“Hmph! You’re always worrying about Imperial Beast City. When have you ever worried about me instead?” Ivasha protested angrily.

“You’re a demon beast, Ivasha. You cannot be with a human. You need to be a little more realistic.”

Yuven knew that Ivasha only liked humans, but he believed it was not feasible in the slightest.

“So what if I like humans? What’s unrealistic about that? I like Kai, and he’s human too! Nothing will go wrong if we date each other!” Ivasha said while stepping forward and wrapping her arms around Kai’s.

Kai tensed up and felt a little awkward when she did that.

Yuven, however, broke into a smile as he knew who Kai truly was. There would certainly be no issues if Ivasha dated Kai.

“Fathers have no say over their daughters once they grow up. You can go ahead and do as you wish. I won’t interfere anymore,” Yuven said and walked off to give the two some privacy.

Kai felt a little helpless when he saw Yuven leave. He knew exactly what Yuven had in mind.

“It is hardly appropriate for you to be doing this, Princess Ivasha. Besides, your fiancé is here as well. Wouldn’t want him to see us like this now, would we?” Kai said while trying to pull his arm free, but Ivasha refused to let go.

“Don’t say that! I have no fiancé! I like you, and I don’t care if you agree to it or not! If you don’t accept me, then I have no choice but to kill myself! I am not marrying Xandros, no matter what!” Ivasha protested.

Kai knew full well that Ivasha would actually follow through on her threats.

“Who is this guy, Ivasha?” Xandros asked coldly from behind.

The look on his face was extremely gloomy, and his body exuded a murderous intent so strong that it fil


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