The Mans Decree Chapter 2712

The Mans Decree Chapter 2712-“You came right on time, Xandros. You should hurry up and head back. I already have someone I like. This man right here is my boyfriend, Kai. We started dating a long time ago, and I am pregnant with his child!” Ivasha said with a sweet smile on her face while leaning against Kai’s chest.

Kai stared at her with shock and disbelief written all over his face.

What? Since when did she get pregnant with my child? I know she’s only saying all this to spite Xandros, but it’s totally inappropriate for her to joke about such things!

Xandros exploded with anger after a brief pause, but he was quick to regain his cool and broke into a sneer.

“Ivasha, are you saying that just to make me give up on you? I know you’re not pregnant! In fact, you haven’t even lost your virginity! Have you forgotten that the beast race is unable to copulate with humans? There’s no way you could be pregnant with a human’s child! I can’t believe I almost fell for it!”

Xandros then shifted his gaze toward Kai as he continued, “I don’t care where Ivasha found you from, punk, but you had better get lost right now! Otherwise, I will eat you alive and have you reduced to a pile of bones!”

The next thing they knew, Xandros’ face distorted and transformed into that of a tiger’s. He then roared at Kai twice before shifting back into human form and glaring coldly at Kai.

“Oh, so you’re the kind that turns into a tiger. Unfortunately, Ivasha and I are in love with each other, so I will not leave her. Besides, my ancestors specialized in hunting tigers!” Kai replied calmly with a smile.

Ivasha’s smile widened when she heard that, and she clung to Kai even more tightly than before.

Xandros became so angry that he gritted his teeth loudly in response, his body trembling. A terrifying aura filled the room once again as he shouted, “How dare you talk to me like that? You’re just a cultivator at beginner-phase Body Fusion Realm!”

Xandros was about to lunge at Kai when Ivasha shouted, “Xandros! How dare you start a fight here in Imperial Beast City?”

Realizing that Xandros was actually going to attack Kai, Ivasha quickly stepped in front of him.

Xandros is a Level Five Body Fusion Realm cultivator, whereas Kai has only just achieved the Body Fusion Realm. He’s no match for Xandros at all!

“Step aside, Ivasha! I’m going to kill this insolent b*stard! You’ll stop loving him once he’s dead!” Xandros shouted.

“Not a chance! You’ll have to attack me to get to Kai!” Ivasha retorted with a determined look on her face.

“All right; don’t blame me for what I’m about to do, then! I’ll restrain you, and then I’ll kill this b*stard!”

Xandros was about to attack Ivasha when another terrifying aura surged through the area, instantly replacing that of Xandros’.

“Why are you so angry that you would attack someone here in Imperial Beast City, Prince Xandros? Aren’t you being a little too disrespectful toward us?” Julius asked as he came over.

He had a smile on his face, but his tone was as cold as ice.

“Mr. Poulsen, Ivasha is—”

Julius cut him off, “As I said, Prince Xandros, Imperial Beast City’s rules forbid anyone from fighting inside the city regardless of the reason, so I do not want to hear your explanation.”

Xandros had no choice but to stop his attack. Glaring viciously at Kai, he growled, “Just you wait, you b*stard. I’ll be sure to show you what I’m capable of! Let’s see if you can hide within Imperial Beast City forever!”


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