The Mans Decree Chapter 2715

The Mans Decree Chapter 2715-Xandros, who had wanted Tigerus to kill Kai, was disappointed to see Tigerus stop.

“General Tigerus, as the general of the royal guards of Imperial Beast City, you’re fully in charge of the city’s security, so what’s holding you back from hitting him?”

Xandros walked out at that moment, hoping to goad Tigerus into beating Kai.

Tigerus looked in Xandros’ direction. He had never liked him, for he was also competing with him for Ivasha’s hand.

However, the fact that Xandros, a prince of Norwal City, had greeted him with respect stopped him from responding rudely.

“Prince Xandros,” Tigerus greeted in return.

“General Tigerus, the only reason this man dared to stay in Imperial Beast City and make a fool of you is entirely because of Princess Ivasha’s fondness for humans. That’s why someone like him dares to behave however he pleases here. But as the general of the royal guards, you can easily find an excuse to kick him out or even kill him. All you need to do is claim that he’s a threat to the city and has harmed its citizens. Both reasons give you cause to beat him up,” Xandros proposed to Tigerus.

Tigerus’ eyes lit up at the suggestion. “That’s right. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Kai looked at Xandros, well aware that he was trying to incite Tigerus into attacking him.

“You can’t think of any good ideas because you’re a bear!” Kai mocked, unafraid of Tigerus.

His words immediately caused the crowd to roar with laughter.

Tigerus was infuriated. His face was filled with murderous intent. “Kid, you’re just a lowly human, yet you dare behave brazenly in Imperial Beast City. As the general of the royal guards, I will mete out justice to you!”

“Whatever. Just come at me. There’s no need to cook up a lame excuse.” Kai beckoned to Tigerus.

Tigerus let out a roar and launched a palm strike at Kai.

However, the attack elicited a smirk from Kai who stepped forward and grabbed Tigerus’ arm.

Tigerus froze, then yelled, “Let go of me!”

Tigerus could feel that Kai’s grip on his wrist was so strong that he couldn’t move at all.

It caused the aura in his body to swell.

Just as Tigerus was struggling, Kai released his grip.

Tigerus staggered backward, caught by surprise, and crashed onto the ground bottom first.

His clumsy actions caused the crowd to burst into another round of laughter.

Tigerus’ face was red with embarrassment. He glared at Kai, his eyes burning with murderous intent.

The scene that unfolded brought a frown to Xandros’ face. He did not expect the great general of Imperial Beast City to be that stupid.

Upon getting back on his feet, Tigerus roared, “Kid, I’m going to tear you apart today!”

No sooner had he spoken than he lunged forward and swiped his massive bear paw at Kai’s neck.

He was clearly intending to take Kai’s life with a single strike.

Looking at Tigerus’ paw, Kai furrowed his brows, and an icy glint flashed across his eyes.

He didn’t expect Tigerus to actually be serious about killing him.

Kai cast the mood for jokes aside. Massive amounts of spiritual energy erupted within him and quickly filled his body.

The very next second, a spiritual energy shield materialized around him.

When Tigerus’ paw struck the spiritual energy shield, the resulting shock sent him flying backward.

The unexpected turn of events shocked the crowd, for no one had expected Kai to be so strong.

Even Xandros wrinkled his brows and reexamined what he knew about Kai.


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