The Mans Decree Chapter 2718

The Mans Decree Chapter 2718-“General, King Yuven wants to see you,” the guard said.

Tigerus was visibly unsettled by the news, for he knew why Yuven had summoned him.

Before Ivasha left, she had mentioned that she would report the matter to her father.

Tigerus followed the guard to the palace.

Upon his arrival, he was greeted by the sight of a scowling Yuven and Ivasha standing by his side.

“Your Majesty, did you ask for me?” Tigerus asked softly with his head hung low.

“Tigerus, tell me, did you just hit Mr. Chance?” Yuven questioned.

“Yes!” Tigerus didn’t dare lie, for it was impossible to do so with so many witnesses watching back then.

That was the same reason why Ivasha had learned of the incident in such a short time.

“How dare you! Don’t you know the law of Imperial Beast City? How could you break it when you’re the general of the royal guards?” Yuven roared as he banged the table with his hand.

Tigerus dropped to his knees at once, trembling in fear.

“Your Majesty, Kai was bullying the citizens of our city. It’s my duty as general of the royal guards to stop him,” Tigerus lied to Yuven by using the excuse Xandros had taught him.

Yuven was furious upon listening to Tigerus’ explanation.

As the overlord of Dragon Sect, Kai reigned over Imperial Beast City. It didn’t make sense for him to bully his own subjects.

“Tigerus, how dare you lie to me? Listen, you must obey Mr. Chance from now on. Make sure you follow whatever he says! As this is your first mistake, I’ll let you off lightly. Your punishment will be to keep watch at the city gates for ten days. If you dare disrespect Mr. Chance again, I’ll kill you!” Yuven thundered.

Even I, the king, have to obey Kai. Is Tigerus, who’s only the general of the royal guard, trying to get himself killed by attacking Kai?

Despite the indignance he felt, Tigerus didn’t dare show it in front of Yuven. All he could do was nod and reply, “Understood.”

“All right, then. You’re dismissed.”

Yuven subsequently waved him off.

Upon emerging from the palace, Tigerus raised his head, his eyes glistening ferociously.

He continued walking with a scowl on his face and his heart raging in anger.

He failed to understand why Yuven respected a mediocre human such as Kai to that extent.

I am the general of Imperial Beast City’s royal guard. If not for me, the city would have been attacked countless times, yet I’m still nothing compared to a lowly human.

The more Tigerus thought about it, the angrier he became. In the end, he decided to head to Xandros’ accommodation.

Xandros, who was drinking coffee when Tigerus arrived, scrambled to his feet to welcome his guest.

“Mighty Tigerus, please come in. I’ve made some coffee. Why don’t you try some?”

Xandros served Tigerus a cup of coffee respectfully.

After downing it in one gulp, Tigerus asked, “Prince Xandros, were you serious when you suggested for us to become sworn brothers?”

“Of course, Mighty Tigerus. Do you not trust me?” Xandros threw the question back at him.

“I do. Since you value me so much, I agree to become your sworn brother. I’m willing to obey you going forward.”

Tigerus steeled himself and made up his mind.

“That’s wonderful, Mighty Tigerus. I’ll make the arrangements at once.”

Xandros immediately ordered his men to prepare a quick ceremony where both men swore loyalty toward each other.

Once the ceremony was over, Tigerus looked at Xandros and said, “Prince Xandros—”

“Mighty Tigerus, now that we’re sworn brothers, there’s no need to be so formal. You can just call me Xandros,” Xandros interrupted Tigerus.

“Xandros, now that we’re sworn brothers, feel free to approach me if there’s anything you need in Imperial Beast City,” Tigerus offered in a grateful tone.

“Mighty Tigerus, our priority now is to dispose of Kai. Since we can’t do it in the city, we’ll have to lure him out.”

With glistening eyes, Xandros began plotting with Tigerus.


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