The Mans Decree Chapter 2719

The Mans Decree Chapter 2719-At that moment, Kai was in Imperial Beast City’s imperial library, where selected prodigies selected by Yuven were studying alchemy.

Since Kai had used the ancient texts of the beast race to develop an alchemy technique that the beast race could learn, Yuven had immediately arranged for his subordinates to master the skill.

If Imperial Beast City had its own alchemists, their strength would undoubtedly increase significantly, and they would no longer be at the mercy of others.

At the sight of Kai’s arrival, Julius hurriedly stepped forward and greeted him, “Mr. Chance.”

Those students were now under Julius’ supervision. He urged them to study every day.

“Although alchemy seems incredibly simple compared to other techniques, it’s still necessary to progress step by step. This learning process cannot be rushed,” Kai said to Julius after glancing at the crowd who were studying.

“You’re right, Mr. Chance. I’ll keep that in mind,” Julius responded humbly.

“You can continue to guide them. I’ll go upstairs to take a look.”

Previously, Kai had only briefly checked out the imperial library and hadn’t delved deeper. The imperial library had several levels. He wanted to explore the upper floors.

“Mr. Chance, perhaps I should accompany you. King Yuven has placed a restriction upstairs,” Julius hastily said.

“Restrictions? Are there important things up there?” Kai asked in bafflement.

Julius nodded. He led Kai forward while replying, “There is indeed a very important ancient book stored upstairs. It’s said to be written by the oldest beast king of our demon beast race, and a palm technique called Thunder Palm is recorded in the book. I heard that mastering that technique will allow one to commune with heaven and earth to call forth heavenly thunder, which carries immense destructive power! However, this ancient book is sealed, and no one has been able to unlock it so far. Generations of kings have tried, but they failed to open it. The book has been stored at the top of this imperial library to this day.”

Knowing Kai’s status in Imperial Beast City, Julius didn’t hold back any information from him and spoke truthfully.

Kai’s eyes lit up after he listened to that. “Thunder Palm? Sounds amazing. Take me there right away.”

Julius nodded and led Kai straight to the top floor. Then, they came to a halt in front of a thick ancient book.

The ancient book was covered in dust, seemingly untouched for a long time.

“Mr. Chance, the seal on this book is very aggressive. Not to mention picking it up, even if someone tries to approach it, they will get wounded by the seal’s power. That’s why this place hasn’t been cleaned. If you wish to look at it, I suggest you stand further away and not get too close,” Julius said to Kai.

“Thanks for the warning, but I think it’s better for me to take a closer look.”

Kai walked toward the ancient book, and as soon as he neared the book, he felt an overwhelming force emanating from it. His body started to make crackling sounds as if being subjected to great pressure.

Sensing that force, Kai felt his internal organs churned, and his body began to shake involuntarily.

“It’s true.” Kai gritted his teeth and unleashed his Power of Dragons to resist that massive pressure.

The moment the Power of Dragons burst forth from within Kai, the force seemed to have detected something and instantly subsided, disappearing without a trace.

Kai was momentarily stunned. He reached out to grab that ancient book.

His hands shone with golden light as they were enveloped in the Power of Dragons.

The Power of Dragons penetrated the ancient book, and under the impact, the seals on the book shattered and vanished at once.

Kai grasped the ancient book and began to read it.

Taking in that scene, Julius widened his eyes at Kai in utter disbelief.

Yuven had attempted many times but had never been able to touch the book, let alone browse the pages.


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