The Mans Decree Chapter 2721

The Mans Decree Chapter 2721

Kai spent three whole days comprehending Thunder Palm.

Within that three days, a shadowy figure had repeatedly exhibited a myriad of palm techniques in Kai’s consciousness field. Everything recorded in the ancient texts had been deeply seared into it.

In three days, Kai had grasped the core essence of Thunder Palm, but he still needed time to sharpen it.

“What an amazing palm technique!”

Kai’s eyes sparkled the moment he opens them.

Now that he had gained an in-depth understanding of Thunder Palm, all that was left to do was for him to strengthen his cultivation and accumulate battle experience.

“Thunder Palm has nine levels in total, and I’ve only reached the first one. I wonder how powerful it will be at Ninth Level. Will I be able to blow a hole through the sky with it?”

Kai was awed by the mystery of Thunder Palm.

Knock, knock, knock.

All of a sudden, a knock on the door interrupted Kai’s thoughts.

Upon opening the door, he was greeted by the sight of an Imperial Beast City guard dressed in silver armor.

“Mr. Chance, Princess Ivasha would like to see you,” the guard informed respectfully.

“Ivasha? What is it about?”

Kai was surprised and had no idea why Ivasha wanted to see him. Under normal circumstances, she would have come to see him in person instead of summoning him with a guard.

“I don’t know about that, Mr. Chance. You’ll have to ask Princess Ivasha herself,” the guard answered awkwardly.

Suspecting nothing, Kai followed the guard.

However, his brows furrowed when the guard led him out of Imperial Beast City.

“Is Princess Ivasha outside the city? Kai asked quizzically.

“Yes. It looks like she has a surprise for you, but I don’t know what it is,” the guard replied with a smile.

The answer caused Kai to cast his doubts aside as he smiled in return. “Princess Ivasha does seem to have a lot of ideas. I wonder what she has planned for me this time.”

Kai let his guard down and followed the guard out to the woods near Imperial Beast City.

At that very moment, Xandros and his subordinates, together with Tigerus, were hiding deep inside the forest.

“Xandros, Kai may not have a high cultivation level, but he isn’t a pushover either. You saw with your own eyes how I failed to defeat him with my men in Imperial Beast City,” Tigerus said nervously.

Tigerus’ real objective was to get Xandros to kill Kai so that he would not be held responsible for Kai’s death. He was, after all, well aware of Kai’s status in Imperial Beast City.

Xandros simply threw Tigerus a glance before flashing a faint smile. “Don’t worry, Mighty Tigerus. I’ll attack with my men when Kai arrives. If we’re no match for him, you’ll back us up. I’m confident that our combined strength will be enough to defeat him. Besides, you have in your possession a magical item that can restrain humans, so what are you afraid of?”

Tigerus nodded in response. “All right, then. You’ll attack first. I won’t show myself if you’re able to kill Kai. Otherwise, it will be humiliating if word gets out that killing Kai requires the two of us.”

Xandros smiled at Tigerus and did not say a word. He knew what Tigerus was thinking, but he didn’t expose him, as he still needed to use him.

Kai continued to follow the guard, and both of them soon entered the dense forest. However, the guard didn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

Kai activated his spiritual sense, covering the vast expanse around him.

When the spiritual sense enveloped Xandros and Tigerus who were lying in ambush, they immediately knew that they had been discovered.

Kai’s expression contorted the moment he detected the men hiding in the surroundings. “How dare yo


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