The Mans Decree Chapter 2723

The Mans Decree Chapter 2723-Xandros furrowed his brows at the sight of Dragonslayer Sword. He then pulled out a battle axe from the blood-red glow between his eyes.

“Heaven and Earth Splitter!”

Xandros swung his axe at Kai.

The thunderous power the axe unleashed uprooted all the trees.

Kai blocked the attack by raising Dragonslayer Sword horizontally above his head.


A massive explosion erupted upon impact.

Kai was pressured into bending his knees momentarily before standing straight up. The resulting shockwave threw Xandros back by more than ten meters before he could regain his balance.

“That’s a great sword you have in your hand. It actually survived an attack by my axe, Sky Breaker, unscathed!”

Xandros stared at Dragonslayer Sword, a greedy glint glistening in his eyes.

“Sky Breaker? Its name has a nice ring to it. Unfortunately, you’re not going to have it for much longer.”

Kai unleashed the Power of Dragons. A blistering light shot out from Dragonslayer Sword in every direction, accompanied by the thunderous roar of a dragon.

“Die!” Kai swung Dragonslayer Sword down, firing a blinding light in Xandros’ direction.

The terrifying light left a deep trench in its wake as it bore down rapidly on Xandros.

Seeing the impending attack, Xandros hastily blocked it with Sky Breaker.


A powerful blast sent Xandros flying back again. It wasn’t until he crashed through more than ten trees that he finally landed heavily on the ground.

With a scowl on his face, Xandros picked himself up slowly and stare at Kai in horror.

The shock within him intensified when he picked up Sky Breaker.

His weapon had been cut in half, and he was only holding its handle.

“How is this possible? Sky Breaker is made of tungsten steel. How can it be broken?”

Xandros couldn’t understand how the indestructible Sky Breaker could be split in half by Kai’s sword.

What sort of divine weapon is Kai using?

“Now that Sky Breaker is no more, isn’t it time to call out your companions?” Kai asked.

Gritting his teeth, Xandros said, “Mighty Tigerus, it seems the combined strength of the two of us is required to defeat this kid.”

Tigerus emerged from his hiding spot the moment the words escaped Xandros’ lips.

Upon seeing Tigerus, Kai immediately understood why the guard from earlier had tricked him.

“Tigerus, despite being the general of the royal guard of Imperial Beast City, you ally with Xandros to lure me here. Don’t you know that this is treason?”

Tigerus was technically Kai’s subordinate.

“Treason? What treason? All I’m doing is kicking your ass with Xandros because I don’t like your face. What’s the big deal about that? Don’t think that just because Princess Ivasha likes you and King Yuven favors you, you can behave however you like in Imperial Beast City. Even if I kill you today, I’m sure both of them won’t do anything to me!” Tigerus answered with disdain.

“Kill me?” Kai sniggered in response. “If you dare kill me, King Yuven will tear you apart!”

“Hmph! There’s no way King Yuven would find out that I have killed you in a secluded place like this.”

Tigerus pulled out an orb and hurled it into the air.

A sudden tremor could be felt as a blistering light illuminated the sky. The orb glowed as it floated in the air, its golden rays shining upon the ground beneath it, sealing away any area that it touched.


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