The Mans Decree Chapter 2724

The Mans Decree Chapter 2724-“Kai, this magical item targets humans specifically. Now that I have trapped you within its arcane array, humans like you won’t be able to draw spiritual energy from nature anymore! Let’s see how you’re going to defeat us without being able to replenish your spiritual energy,” Tigerus scoffed.

Sensing the aura of the arcane array, Kai realized that he could no longer absorb spiritual energy once it was engaged.

He knitted his brows, for he didn’t expect Tigerus to have such a powerful magical item.

Even though Kai possessed the Power of Three and the Power of Dragons within his body, he still needed to rely on spiritual energy to fuel them. Without it, all the energy within his body would end up being drained.

“Stop wasting time speaking to him, Mighty Tigerus. Just kill him and be done with it.”

Murderous rage could be seen burning in Xandros’ eyes. Sky Breaker had been destroyed. He wanted to kill Kai and make Dragonslayer Sword his own.

“Fine.” Tigerus nodded. He aimed his giant bear paws at Kai as he burst forward.

With Tigerus on the left and Xandros on the right, Kai had no choice but to unleash the Power of Dragons to defend himself.

In the blink of an eye, he had exchanged more than a hundred moves with the two of them.

“The power this guy has released despite only achieving First Level Body Fusion Realm is ridiculous. Even under the control of the arcane array, he can still fight against us. This is unbelievable!” Tigerus said while panting heavily.

“Mighty Tigerus, this guy is at the end of his rope. We’ll definitely be able to kill him if we work harder!”

Despite being drenched in sweat, Xandros knew that Kai must not be doing well either.

Kai wore a grim expression because he barely had any energy left to sustain himself much longer.

As the arcane array only affected humans, Tigerus and Xandros could continuously replenish their spiritual energy without any trouble.

“Let’s go again. We’ll attack concurrently this time,” Tigerus roared before launching a simultaneous attack with Xandros.

“How dare you, Tigerus!”

Just as Tigerus and Xandros assaulted Kai once more, Ivasha suddenly appeared and yelled at them.

Waving both of her palms, she rapidly unleashed an overwhelming aura in Tigerus and Xandros’ direction.

Both of them pulled back their aura the moment they saw Ivasha, worried that they would hurt her.

They might be outside Imperial Beast City, but they were still within the territory of the city. They would lose their lives if any harm were to come to Ivasha.

“Kai, are you hurt?” Ivasha asked in a concerned tone.

Kai shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Seeing that Kai was all right, Ivasha glared at Tigerus. “Tigerus, my father has just punished you, yet you dare attack Kai again. This is an act of blatant disobedience! And you, Xandros, I have no interest in you at all. I have the freedom to fancy anyone I like. If you dare lay another finger on Kai, I’ll definitely make you regret it! If anything happens to him, both of you will pay with your lives!”

With that, she left with Kai in tow. Tigerus and Xandros could only watch as they didn’t have the guts to pursue them.

Given that they couldn’t take Kai out even with the help of the arcane array, there was no way they could win if Ivasha joined the fray.

“It’s over for me! Princess Ivasha is definitely going to tell King Yuven about this. I’m in real big trouble now…”

Tigerus began to grow fearful.

“Mighty Tigerus, what’s done is done. There’s no point in panicking. We should think of a solution instead,” Xandros advised.

“What kind of solution? King Yuven might have me crippled this time. I’m not even sure if my life will be spared now,” Tigerus replied anxiously.


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