The Mans Decree Chapter 2726

The Mans Decree Chapter 2726-“Ivasha, is Mr. Chance all right?” Yuven asked.

“He’s fine, but a huge amount of his strength was drained. He’s currently cultivating to recover it,” Ivasha said.

Right then, Tigerus was escorted into the hall.

Before Yuven could lose his temper at him, Tigerus dropped to his knees in remorse. “Your Majesty, I disobeyed you and unilaterally harmed Kai. Please punish me for my actions. Regardless of your judgment, I’ll willingly accept it. The reason I worked with Xandros is solely to dispose of Kai. I have no intention of betraying you at all. I only did it due to my feelings for Princess Ivasha, as she only has eyes for him as long as he’s here.”

Tigerus spoke in such a sincere tone that Yuven didn’t know how to react.

He had always known about Tigerus’ feelings for Ivasha and wasn’t surprised that his judgment was clouded by love.

Given that Tigerus had demonstrated his loyalty throughout the years, the anger Yuven felt was quickly snuffed out by his words.

Tigerus is a devoted subordinate who only acted recklessly due to his feelings for Ivasha.

“Tigerus, I already told you that I don’t love you. It just isn’t going to happen between the two of us. Why do you insist on clinging onto me?” Ivasha questioned with a slight frown.

“Princess Ivasha, you’re like a goddess to me. Even though I know that you’re not interested in me, I hope that you won’t strip me of my right to love. Even if all I can do is watch you from a distance, that’s enough to satisfy me. I will never fall for another woman for the rest of my life! I know. I’m also aware that what I’ve done is unforgivable. Therefore, I hope that I could die at your hands. Come on now, Princess Ivasha. It would be an honor to have you kill me.”

Kneeling on the ground with his eyes closed, Tigerus waited for Ivasha to end his life.

However, the more he pressured her to do it, the more reluctant she was to make a move. After all, killing him was never her intention.

“Tigerus, on account of the loyalty you have shown throughout the years, I won’t sentence you to death this time. Your punishment will be to spend a few days in the water dungeon. But if you dare to show any disrespect to Mr. Chance again, death will be what awaits you!” Yuven declared.

“Thank you for your clemency, Your Majesty. I will not harm Mr. Chance again!”

Tigerus quickly prostrated himself before Yuven to express his gratitude.

He then left the hall with his head lowered. No sooner had he exited than a vicious glint flashed across his eyes.

“Father, why do I get the feeling Tigerus is not being himself? The way he speaks is different from usual. It feels as if the words he said weren’t his own given how awkward he has always been,” Ivasha pointed out as she looked at Tigerus’ leaving silhouette.

In truth, Tigerus had just regurgitated the script Xandros had prepared for him. Otherwise, someone as dimwitted as he was would never be capable of such words.

“Perhaps he has realized his mistake. We’ve punished him by throwing him into the water dungeon. You’d better check on Mr. Chance and try to bond with him,” Yuven said, hoping that his daughter could win over Kai’s heart.

Kai was the overlord of Dragon Sect, whose status was significantly higher than that of Yuven. Even though he was a king, he was still just in charge of one of Kai’s many regiments.

He knew that there were thirteen regiments in total within Dragon Sect. More powerful regiments would definitely make their appearances after him.

“Father, how could you say that? You’re embarrassing me.”

Ivasha turned around and ran toward Kai’s quarters.


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