The Mans Decree Chapter 2729

The Mans Decree Chapter 2729-Sigurd fell silent. Since they could not count on Helius, Kai had become their only hope.

Alas, he did not even know where Kai was and how long Kai would take to come to them.

Mountain Defense Formation was about to be shattered, and he had no idea whether or not they could hold on until Kai arrived.

“Ms. Warwick, I’m going to head off to meet Hosen to buy us some time.”

Ghaylen decided to make an appearance to get them more time to wait for Kai’s arrival.

“I’ll go with you. He’s my master. I’ll be able to buy us a little more time too,” Sigurd quickly said.

Viola nodded. “Okay, but you must be careful. Retreat to the main hall if anything goes wrong. Even if the Mountain Defense Formation is destroyed, we can still keep up our defenses in the main hall.”

“Got it.”

With that, Ghaylen and Sigurd left the main hall to buy them some time.

Viola leaned back against the sect leader’s throne, waiting with anticipation in her eyes.

“Kai, will I ever see you again?”

She couldn’t stop thinking about him ever since he left.

Now that they were in a crisis, Viola had no idea whether or not Kai would be able to make it in time. If he could not, then the two of them would be separated by the law of mortality, never to see each other again.

At the entrance of Emerald Cauldron Sect, when Hosen saw Ghaylen and Sigurd stepping out, he was visibly surprised.

“Ghaylen, I never thought that you would agree with it. Is Ebenez full of himself now that he has the throne? He won’t even come to see me, his senior, anymore,” Hosen said coldly.

Hosen had thought that Ghaylen would fight to his death by Viola’s side and never relent to Ebenez’s request.

However, it seemed that even Ghaylen had decided to join Ebenez.

“Sigurd, as my eldest disciple, I have high hopes for you. I had no choice but to flee the other time. This time, I’ve returned with more men to take back what’s mine. Now, deactivate this Mountain Defense Formation and come to my side. I won’t hold you accountable for what you’ve done,” Hosen said.

Ghaylen and Sigurd shared a look, a plan forming in their minds.

Since Hosen had yet to find out that Ebenez was dead and that Viola had become the sect leader, they could take advantage of his delayed information.

“I’m so glad you’ve brought more men with you, Master. But I can’t deactivate this Mountain Defense Formation. Mr. Erdell has ensured that he’s the only one who can activate and deactivate the formation. You know how Mr. Erdell used to be in charge of the various arcane arrays in the sect. He has no trust in me at all, so there isn’t anything I can do to deactivate this Mountain Defense Formation,” Sigurd replied somberly.

When Hosen saw Sigurd’s solemn expression, he had no doubts about Sigurd’s speech. After all, Sigurd was his disciple, and it would come off as no surprise that Ebenez had no trust in him.

“Hosen, ever since you escaped, Ebenez has used those Demonic Cultivators to take over the sect and even locked up Ms. Viola. We were forced to submit and heed his orders. I’m also glad that you’re back. At the very least, we won’t have to work with the Demonic Cultivators if you’re our sect leader! Ebenez colluding with the Demonic Cultivators has shamed us all. If the other sects and prestigious families were to hear about this, they would never entertain the notion of working with us anymore!” Ghaylen exclaimed, a look of delight on his face as he welcomed Hosen and his men back.

Hosen was momentarily dumbfounded by Ghaylen’s and Sigurd’s reactions. He genuinely thought that they had been looking forward to his return.

“Don’t panic. This Mountain Defense Formation is about to be shattered. By then, I shall still be the leader of Emerald Cauldron Sect. As long as you listen to me, you’ll have the same role as you once had,” Hosen swore to Ghaylen a


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