The Mans Decree Chapter 2731

The Mans Decree Chapter 2731-“Let me contact Kai again. Lead the men to gather all of the resources. If Hosen really bursts in, we’ll burn all the resources and make sure he gets nothing,” ordered Viola.

She had already made up her mind. If Hosen charged in and they were unable to stop him, she would demolish the entire base of Emerald Cauldron Sect.

“Understood…” Ghaylen nodded and left with his men.

At that moment, Kai was hurrying toward Emerald Cauldron Sect. He was traveling so fast that he was practically invisible.

Time passed, and very soon, hours had gone by. However, there was still no sign of Ghaylen and Sigurd.

“Mr. Holt, hours have passed. How long more do we have to wait?” asked Zsolt impatiently.

There was no response from Hosen. He looked at the sect with a frown.

For some reason, he felt something was amiss. After all, Ghaylen was not a man who would yield so easily.

Furthermore, he possessed the knowledge to open the medicinal treasury. Why would he give up so easily?

Throughout Hosen’s term as a sect leader, Ghaylen had never once surrendered. In fact, he had even set up a base on his own outside the sect.

Why would Ghaylen surrender to Ebenez in such a short amount of time?

Hosen could not understand.

All of a sudden, he widened his eyes and came to a realization. “D*mn it! We’ve been duped…”

“General Kinsley, break the formation now! I have been fooled by those two! Sigurd, my eldest disciple, lied to me. Once I enter, I will rip them into pieces,” hollered Hosen in anger.

Zsolt immediately waved his hands, and the runes flew up once again.

Next, golden rays shone on the Mountain Defense Formation. Very soon, cracks began to appear on the formation.


With a loud explosion, the Mountain Defense Formation completely collapsed. Hosen and his men charged into the Emerald Cauldron Sect at once.

When Viola and Ghaylen heard the rumbling, they knew that the Mountain Defense Formation had been destroyed.

Viola took her men and stationed them at the main hall entrance while Ghaylen and Sigurd took some men and stood right in front.

When Hosen rushed in and saw Viola being protected in the middle, realization dawned on him.

“All of you lied to me. Today, I will rip you into pieces…”

Hosen was so furious that his aura kept soaring.

“Hosen, how dare you collaborate with outsiders and attack Emerald Cauldron Sect! This is treason. Do you wish to die like Ebenez? He has already been killed. Anyone who plans to mess with Emerald Cauldron Sect will have to die…” said Viola coldly.

“Who the hell cares about Ebenez? Today, I brought with me General Kinsley from Norwal City. He has achieved Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm. Ebenez was nothing compared to him. Obey me if you wish to live. Those who submit to me, come over right now. Otherwise, I will show no mercy…” said Hosen to the disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect.

The disciples of Emerald Cauldron Sect exchanged glances and remained still, which infuriated Hosen.

“Fine! Since you ask for it, I shall gladly oblige…”

He leaped into the air, and an unstoppable murderous intent rose with him.

Ghaylen froze and tensed up. At that moment, he was the only one who was Hosen’s match.

“Hosen, don’t be so arrogant…”

Likewise, Ghaylen did the same thing and emanated a horrendous aura in an instant as well.

Both Hosen and Ghaylen threw a punch in mid-air.


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