The Mans Decree Chapter 2733

The Mans Decree Chapter 2733-“Now, do you still dare to look down on me, a newly-promoted Body Fusion Realm cultivator?” Kai sneered.

“I understand now. You’re the reason why Viola successfully became the sect leader and why Ebenez was killed!” Hosen said. There was no way they could’ve defeated Ebenez and the other Demonic Cultivators on their own! It must’ve been because of him that they achieved victory!

“You grasped the situation too late. Today, you shall fall under the crowd’s blade just as Mr. Erdell did!” said Kai.

Hosen cackled. “You’re underestimating me! You may be able to defeat me, but I have the general from Norwal City on my side this time! General Kinsley is a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm! I doubt you’re powerful enough to beat him!” Then, he turned to Zsolt. “General Kinsley, please help me slay this b*stard! Once I’ve taken down Emerald Cauldron Sect, you may pick whatever resources or pills you want from it!”

Zsolt grinned greedily at that.

“No problem. He’s but a new Body Fusion Realm cultivator. While he’s capable of battling against people of a higher level, I doubt he can beat me.” Zsolt promptly stepped forward, his terrifying aura immediately changing the color of the sky.

An invisible aura choked the members of Emerald Cauldron Sect, causing them to writhe in agony.

Upon sensing the aura exploding from Zsolt’s body, Kai smiled and waved his hand.

A huge wave of spiritual energy crushed Zsolt’s aura, which allowed the Emerald Cauldron Sect members to breathe again.

Zsolt narrowed his eyes. “You’re quite impressive, kid.”

“Oh, you’ll know just how much impressive I am when I take your life,” Kai taunted.

“What arrogance! Looks like I must teach you a lesson!” Zsolt lunged toward Kai like a beast.

As he moved, his body transformed into that of a leopard’s. The surrounding space began to tremble as he traveled through the void and immediately appeared before Kai.

That shocking scene startled the crowd. To think he can traverse the void! He must be incredibly fast!

“Be careful, Kai!” shouted Viola because she knew how much pressure Kai was facing with a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm as his opponent.

Kai merely smiled at her and assured her with a gesture. He didn’t view Zsolt as a legitimate threat.

Seeing how relaxed Kai was enraged Zsolt further.

“Runic Punch!” exclaimed Zsolt before the runes on his body and his fist, which was densely covered in them, lit up.

“A charm master, eh?” Kai’s lips quirked up. He used Dragonslayer Sword to block his opponent’s attack.


The earth shook as both combatants were forced three steps back.

Even though both of them seemed to have equal strength, Zsolt was the attacking party, so he technically lost.

He stared at Dragonslayer Sword in disbelief. “Dragonslayer Sword? To think you possess a divine weapon from Divine Smithing Sect. No wonder it could block my punch.”

Kai did not expect Zsolt, a demon beast, to actually recognize Dragonslayer Sword.

“I didn’t expect you to be familiar with Dragonslayer Sword. But you should be honored that you’ll die under this sword!”

Kai stepped forward and swung Dragonslayer Sword, shooting a massive light at Zsolt.

Zsolt threw a punch to block the attack, afraid of Dragonslayer Sword’s power. However, his body was still pushed backward.

Hosen frowned when he saw that Zsolt was forced back by Kai’s weapon.


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