The Mans Decree Chapter 2734

The Mans Decree Chapter 2734-Just as Zsolt kept moving backward and had yet to find his balance, Kai launched another attack.
He flung a second terrifying light with Dragonslayer Sword at Zsolt again.
Zsolt was terrified and furious. After all, he, a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, was losing against Kai, a new Body Fusion Realm cultivator. He could not even take a breather.
He let out a roar, creating an invisible shield in front of him.
When Kai’s light landed violently on the shield, it shattered at once.
That overwhelming power caused Zsolt to lose his balance and be thrown backward by a dozen meters before stopping.
At that moment, Zsolt appeared disheveled and pathetic.

The crowd went silent. Zsolt was a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm. His might was obvious to everyone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become the general of Norwal City.
Yet, someone like him was beaten by Kai. He didn’t even have an opportunity to retaliate before he was blasted away.
Hosen felt as though he was losing his mind. Kai has only become a Body Fusion Realm cultivator recently! How the heck is he winning against someone as strong as General Kinsley?
At that moment, Kai was holding his weapon with one hand, looking at Zsolt coldly. “Didn’t you want to teach me a lesson? Are you teaching me how badly someone from Norwal City can lose to me?”
First, my Divine Bow was stolen by Mole Monster of Norwal City. Then, Xandros kept targeting me and even tried to kill me by working with Tigerus! Now, Hosen brought an army from Norwal City to attack Emerald Cauldron Sect. It’s clear to me that Norwal City is my enemy! Since they’re my adversary, I have no reason to be merciful to anyone from there!
Zsolt felt as though he was slapped by a giant hand when he heard Kai’s words.
He was enraged because Kai had only recently become a Body Fusion Realm cultivator. To him, Kai was but an insignificant character he should’ve been able to eliminate handily.
Even when Kai had won against Hosen, Zsolt still looked down on Kai. Yet, the person he regarded as unworthy of his attention was making him lose badly.
“Kai may not look like he’s at a high level, but his true might is immeasurable. You mustn’t be careless, General Kinsley!” Hosen advised in a panic.
Hosen was spinning Zsolt’s defeat as the latter being careless in order to protect his dignity.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be careless again. If I hadn’t lowered my guard earlier, I wouldn’t have been forced back and fallen to the ground. This time, I won’t make the same mistake!” Zsolt lunged toward Kai like an arrow shot from a bow.
As Zsolt delivered his formidable punch, strong winds were produced. Kai merely sneered. He pointed Dragonslayer Sword forward and didn’t even look at Zsolt properly.
It didn’t matter if Zsolt was being careless or not because Kai wasn’t afraid of his opponent.
Besides, Kai still possessed Dragonslayer Sword while Zsolt was only using his fists. Therefore, Kai was even less fearful of his adversary.
When Zsolt saw the mocking smile on Kai’s countenance, he was all the more livid. He aimed his mighty fist directly at Kai.
Kai swung Dragonslayer Sword, creating a shimmering, golden light. The projectile was instantly shot out from the blade.
The light was incredibly sharp, tearing through Zsolt’s fist cyclone like butter and zipping straight toward Zsolt.
Zsolt was thoroughly alarmed. At that moment, he unleashed all of his strength with his next punch. It had enough power to potentially destroy the entire Emerald Cauldron Sect.


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