The Mans Decree Chapter 2735

The Mans Decree Chapter 2735-However, that terrifying blow was effortlessly thwarted by Kai through a swing of the sword.

Utter shock flooded Zsolt. He hastily retracted his hand and fended off the attack. Otherwise, he would have been cut in half by that strike.


A loud bang split the air as the light from the sword landed on the shield he unleashed, the immense recoil causing him to stumble back immediately.

Before he could regain his balance, another ray of light came from Kai.

He promptly waved his hands, forming shield after shield in front of him to block Kai’s attack.

Alas, it was all to no avail. He kept stumbling back, but Kai’s attacks continued incessantly as the man slashed ray after ray of light at him.

In the end, he was once again defeated. He toppled to the ground and rolled a distance away.

Seeing that Zsolt had been thoroughly defeated, Kai finally stopped attacking. This time, he held the man at sword-point and drawled, “Well? Were you careless again this time?”

That question had Zsolt flush bright red at once. At the side, Viola and the others burst into laughter.

After witnessing the ease with which Kai dealt with Zsolt, they relaxed and watched the showdown with great interest.

On the contrary, Hosen and the beast soldiers from Norwal City appeared as grim as ever when they saw Zsolt rolling back to them like a bowling pin once more, just like earlier.

Zsolt slowly struggled to his feet. The humiliation written all over his face receded, only to be replaced by fury. His eyes blazed with savagery.

“You were still too careless, General Kinsley. Kai has a weapon, but you’re unarmed. Aren’t you clearly at a disadvantage?”

Once again, Hosen came up with a reason to salvage Zsolt’s pride.

Nonetheless, no one there was a fool. Zsolt was a Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, so he could have easily defeated someone who had just recently attained Body Fusion Realm even barehanded. In the current situation, it was clear that he was inferior to Kai.

“Indeed, I was at a slight disadvantage without a weapon. Besides, the sword in Kai’s hand is the Dragonslayer Sword, a divine weapon. If he hadn’t a divine weapon, I would’ve beaten him to a pulp!” Zsolt seconded, knowing that Hosen was trying to help recoup his pride.

“You think it was my Dragonslayer Sword that defeated you?” Kai sneered. With a wave of his hand, Dragonslayer Sword disappeared. “In that case, I won’t use it. How about I go barehanded as well?”

That action of his instantly stunned Zsolt. Never had he expected the man to do such a thing.

“How dare you humiliate me, Kai? I’m going to kill you!” he roared.

“Haha, so what if I do? Earlier, you threatened to kill me multiple times too. Am I not still standing here now, alive and well?” Kai guffawed with derision etched across his features.

Zsolt grew so livid that he almost burst a blood vessel. With innumerable people bearing witness, including the many beast soldiers under his command, he felt mortified to the core.

“You’ve completely enraged me, Kai. I’ll give you a taste of the consequences!” he hissed through gritted teeth, his eyes narrowed and his face contorted into a mask of murder.

“I’ve been doing that all along. If you have any other ace up your sleeve, go ahead and unleash it. Even without Dragonslayer Sword, I can still wipe the floor with you. If you don’t wish to die in disgrace, you can take your own life by self-destructing. Then, you’ll go out with a bang and die a glorious death!” Kai continued provoking and mocking the man.

At long last, Zsolt snapped. Feeling as though his lungs were about to rupture, he let out a resounding bellow. In a flash, the runes on his body flew into the air. On the heels of that, several rays of light shone on him, and he started trembling unceasingly.


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