The Mans Decree Chapter 2736

The Mans Decree Chapter 2736-“Beast Blood Empowerment? He’s activating Beast Blood Empowerment, Mr. Chance. You must be careful!” Ghaylen shouted at Kai upon seeing Zsolt in his present condition.

“Beast Blood Empowerment?” Kai was wholly lost, oblivious as to the kind of technique it was.

“Beast Blood Empowerment is a secret technique that burns the blood essence of one’s ancestors within one’s body to boost one’s combat prowess. The beast race retains part of their ancestors’ genes and blood essence, and burning it can enhance their capabilities during battle. But the downside is the stagnation of their capabilities. Some even experience a regress in capabilities and grow depressed before dying in despair,” Ghaylen explained.

When Kai heard that, understanding dawned upon him. Ah, it’s the same principle as humans burning their blood essence!

“I want you dead, Kai. Even if it means sacrificing my life, I can’t allow you to insult my ancestors’ legacy!”

Following Zsolt’s furious cry, the runes in mid-air fell onto his body. Immediately after, they rapidly fused with every inch of his skin. From a distance, the dense runes resembled bugs wriggling all over him.

Right then, his aura surged wildly. Everyone from Emerald Cauldron Sect could sense the pressure coming from him.

The beast soldiers gazed at him in reverence. Not every member of the beast race could execute Beast Blood Empowerment. Although it would destroy one’s cultivation entirely, it represented the beast race’s indomitable spirit of resolution and sacrifice.

“Let us help you, Mr. Chance. I’m afraid you’re no longer his match.”

Ghaylen, Viola, and the others stepped forward.

Seeing that, Hosen likewise stepped forward with the beast soldiers. A fierce battle was imminent.

“Step back. With your capabilities, you likely won’t even be able to draw close to him.”

Kai waved a hand, signaling Ghaylen and the others to back away.

Despite his words, none of those from Emerald Cauldron Sect felt insulted, for they knew he was merely speaking the truth. If a fight broke out for real, they would have no way of approaching, considering Zsolt’s capabilities.

Viola, on the other hand, had her eyes pinned on Kai, worry lingering within her.

“I believe in Mr. Chance, Ms. Warwick. He’ll definitely be fine,” Sigurd said just then.

In his eyes, Kai was already the epitome of omnipotence and could overcome everything.

Viola nodded. She stared at Kai, who was not all that tall yet radiated unparalleled dominance. The sense of arrogance was in his bones, and he remained fearless even in the face of Zsolt’s Beast Blood Empowerment.

At that very moment, only Kai himself knew he was not all that confident as Zsolt’s capabilities skyrocketed under Beast Blood Empowerment.

However, he could not exhibit the slightest trace of panic then. He was presently the pillar of strength for all members of Emerald Cauldron Sect, and the disciples would likely plunge into turmoil if he were to look anxious.


A tremor filled the void. The runes on Zsolt came to a stop, and rays of light enveloped the man. By then, his aura had already soared to a terrifying cultivation level.

“You forced me to activate Beast Blood Empowerment, Kai. I’m going to make your life a living hell!”

After Zsolt had been through Beast Blood Empowerment, his voice was beyond rough. It sounded like thunder, booming and deafening.

His face was also a contorted mask, rendering him exceedingly terrifying.

“Bring it on. I’ve had enough of your boasting!” Kai taunted with disdain written all over his face.


Zsolt gave a great roar before stomping his right leg on the ground. Like a ball of fire, he launched himself at the man.


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