The Mans Decree Chapter 2737

The Mans Decree Chapter 2737-When Zsolt attacked, the crowd could clearly feel that his terrifying power had reached an even greater height.

Kai took a deep breath. With the aid of Beast Blood Empowerment, Zsolt’s might had far surpassed Kai’s expectations. Kai dared not hold back anymore.


As the air shook, a gigantic bell appeared above Kai’s head. An overwhelming wave of aura shot toward the sky before wrapping itself around Kai.

When the Dragon Bell appeared, the aura emitted from it enveloped Kai tightly. The space around Kai trembled because of the Dragon Bell’s presence.

The crowd couldn’t help but stare at the Dragon Bell above Kai’s head in shock.

Ghaylen and the others had witnessed Kai using the Dragon Bell. After all, it was because of the Dragon Bell that Kai had successfully subdued the ultimate demon beast inside Octo Ruler.

Gazing at the Dragon Bell above Kai’s head, Zsolt couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. He could vividly detect a type of beast race aura radiating from the Dragon Bell.

“Die!” Kai roared. Dragonslayer Sword once again emerged in his hand, and he swung it at Zsolt.

At the same time, a wave of powerful aura exploded from the Dragon Bell above Kai. It cloaked itself around him, providing him with formidable protection.


Kai’s light slammed against Zsolt violently, generating a deafening explosion as a result.

The destructive power of that blast tore the earth apart, causing rocks and sand to be catapulted in all directions.

The immense impact of the clash led to the collapse of the surrounding buildings.

“Everyone, hide!” shouted Ghaylen before retreating back.

Many used spiritual energy to defend themselves, but some were still launched away by the shockwave.

Even Hosen and the beast soldiers weren’t spared.

At that moment, plenty of individuals vomited blood and flew far away because of the shockwave.

Everyone was horrified. If they could barely shield themselves from the residual impact of the battle, they definitely didn’t have the ability to tackle any of the two individuals locked in combat.

Ghaylen, Viola, and the others realized right then why Kai had barred them from helping him.

Rocks and stones continued to shoot in the air as the earth quaked, and gullies appeared.

The crowd continued to back away. Amidst the loud rumbling, they could barely see the battle between Kai and Zsolt anymore.


There was a loud chime, like the sound of something striking hard on top of a bell.

When the dust settled, the crowd saw that Zsolt had successfully overcome Kai’s light and landed a punch on Kai’s body.

However, Kai was defended by the Dragon Bell’s power, so it was as if Zsolt’s attack had made contact with the bell itself.

Even with the protection of the Dragon Bell, Kai still felt as if his internal organs had been reshuffled. He grimaced.

Zsolt couldn’t help but frown, too. He didn’t expect that the punch had failed to severely injure Kai even with Beast Blood Empowerment.

He glanced at the Dragon Bell, knowing that it was the reason Kai was fine.

Just as Zsolt stared at the Dragon Bell, it abruptly swelled in size and levitated toward him, intending to trap him.

Zsolt was startled upon seeing that and dodged backward.

While he didn’t know what kind of weapon the Dragon Bell was, he had a feeling that if he was caged inside it, he would have a bad time.

A moment later, he transformed into a leopard and bolted away, completely vanishing from the crowd’s line of sight.

Kai frowned and muttered something, spiritual energy exploding from his body.


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