The Mans Decree Chapter 2739

The Mans Decree Chapter 2739-Zsolt stared at Dragonslayer Sword, the Dragon Bell, Octo Ruler, and demonic fire, feeling bitter. God*mmit! This is so unfair! Why does he have so many magical items?

The battle between the two raged on. Kai was panicking hard. All this consumption was not a solution at all.

“I guess I’ll have to use that thing…” muttered Kai before he retreated from the battlefield, allowing the beasts to keep Zsolt busy.

Then, he closed his eyes, withdrew Dragonslayer Sword, and lifted his palms toward the sky.

The crowd spotted Kai’s bizarre action after he left the battle at such a critical moment and wondered what he was doing.


Suddenly, thunder crackled in the sky. The crowd saw a giant palm materializing above them.

Dark clouds with lightning were spotted in the middle of the palm.

The ginormous palm slowly descended, and everyone could detect its frightening aura.

“Thunder Palm? H-How do you know Thunder Palm?” Fear swirled in Zsolt’s eyes as he raised his head and stared at the palm above.

He didn’t expect Kai to know an ancient technique like Thunder Palm.

Just as Zsolt was distracted, the beasts charged toward and encircled him.

Upon seeing that, Kai hastily sent the Dragon Bell to his opponent. Soon after, the colossal Dragon Bell slammed downward, trapping Zsolt and the beasts within.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Zsolt was shocked when trapped inside the Dragon Bell. He relentlessly hit the bell, causing it to chime repeatedly.

Ignoring that, Kai struck the Dragon Bell with his palm. At that moment, the huge palm above him landed on the ground. A thunderous explosion followed.

When his palm struck the Dragon Bell, it produced a thunderous sound.

Thunder Palm passed through the Dragon Bell and struck Zsolt mercilessly.

As fast as Zsolt was, he couldn’t evade the attack while trapped inside the Dragon Bell. Additionally, the chiming of the Dragon Bell was damaging his internal organs.

Blood spilled from his mouth and he collapsed on the ground. At that moment, his internal organs had been crushed.

The beasts inside the Dragon Bell were already long dead. It didn’t bother Kai because he could just capture a few more beasts and keep them inside Octo Ruler.

Once there was no more movement from within the Dragon Bell, Kai removed it. There laid the corpse of Zsolt. His eyes were wide open with resentment.

The members of Emerald Cauldron Sect and even Kai breathed a sigh of relief when they spotted Zsolt’s corpse.

Hosen was stunned.

Kai withdrew the arcane array, put away all his divine weapons, and looked at Hosen coldly.

“Do you want me to kill you, or do you want to do it yourself, Hosen?” he asked.

Hosen grimaced. An idea popped into his mind, and he fled.

There was no way he would surrender.

As he escaped, his beast soldiers followed him.

Ghaylen attempted to pursue Hosen with his men, but Kai stopped him.

A second later, Kai paled, spat out a mouthful of blood, and collapsed.

He had been forced to use all of his weapons and techniques in his battle against Zsolt to achieve victory. He was completely drained of spiritual energy and was weak.

“Mr. Chance!”


Ghaylen, Viola, and the others called out to Kai, but his eyes remained shut tight.

“Mr. Samoll, please deliver all high-quality pills from Emerald Cauldron Sect here right now. Kai’s body is weak right now because he spent too much of his spiritual energy! The pills will help him recover!” ordered Viola.

Following that, she requested the crowd carry Kai to her room so she could personally tend to him.


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