The Mans Decree Chapter 2743

The Mans Decree Chapter 2743-Yuven began to panic. He discovered that he really couldn’t unleash his power, feeling as though something was suppressing it within him.
Enduring the pain, Ivasha stood up slowly and barked, “My father trusted you, Tigerus! How dare you conspire against us! You’re a shameless man!”
Tigerus roared furiously, “Everything I did, I did it because of you! I loved you since a long time ago, but you chose a human over me! I refuse to accept that! You will be mine! Once I have you on my bed, I’m going to make you squirm under me!”
Ivasha blushed in anger. “I would rather die than sleep with you! You don’t deserve me!”
“Is that so?” Tigerus smirked. “If you don’t agree to my request, then your beloved father will leave you forever.”
He pressed his blade on Yuven’s neck, creating a crimson slash.
Seeing that, Ivasha panicked and shouted, “No!”

“What do you say? If I ask you to come with me and serve me right now, will you say yes?” A twisted, delighted smile settled on Tigerus’ face as he stared at Ivasha.
Ivasha glowered at Tigerus. If looks could kill, Tigerus would’ve been dead a thousand times over.
“Leave me be, Ivasha. Don’t agree to his sickening request! Julius, I order you to escape with the princess right now! Quick!” Yuven commanded.
At that moment, Yuven only hoped his daughter could escape alive and not be tainted by Tigerus.
However, Julius didn’t have the nerve to move. After all, Yuven was still in great danger. If he moved, Tigerus would undoubtedly chop Yuven’s head off.
“Shut up, you old b*stard!” Tigerus punched Yuven in the face.
Once, Yuven was the great king of Imperial Beast City. At that moment, he was reduced to a mere prisoner, beaten by his former most trusted subordinate.
“Stop it, Tigerus! Stop hitting my father!” Ivasha shouted when she saw that.
“Have you considered my request, Princess Ivasha?” asked Tigerus. “If you agree, I promise His Majesty will remain unharmed. In fact, you two can continue to stay in the palace with your basic needs taken care of.”
Staring at her bruised father, Ivasha nodded with tears. “Okay, I agree.”
She couldn’t afford to resist because if she did, Yuven might actually be killed.

“You’re a wise woman! Don’t you think it’s better for you to be with me than that human? At the very least, you and I are of the same race. I’ll ensure you experience the joy of womanhood!” Lust swirled in Tigerus’ eyes.
Once he handed Yuven over to his subordinate, he strode toward Ivasha.
“Don’t agree to his request, Ivasha! This is all my fault! I should’ve listened to you and not attended that dinner!” Yuven said.
Alas, it was too late for him to regret his actions.
Ivasha had felt something was off last night, but Yuven had trusted Tigerus. He had blindly believed that his subordinate wouldn’t betray him.
However, Yuven was horribly wrong, and it was his fault that Tigerus had won.
“I hope you’ll keep your promise, Tigerus. Now that I’ve agreed to your request, you better not harm my father!” said Ivasha.
“Worry not, Princess Ivasha. Now that you and I are together, His Majesty is my father-in-law. How can I possibly hurt him?” Tigerus smirked before he carried Ivasha down.


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