The Mans Decree Chapter 2744

Chapter 2744 Take Care

Ivasha closed her eyes, and tears rolled down her cheeks. “If there is a next life, I hope I can be by your side, Kai.” She believed it was impossible for her to stay with Kai after she was defiled by Tigerus.

“Ivasha! Ivasha!” Yuven shouted as he watched his daughter get carried away by the traitor, but it was useless. Soon, Ivasha and Tigerus vanished from his sight.

Tears streamed down his cheeks. Because of my mistake, my daughter is forced to submit to Tigerus! Yuven lost his will to live. He turned to Xandros and said, “Kill me, Xandros!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you live. It must feel awful to be betrayed by someone you trust most, huh? I wonder how happy my father will be once he learns that I’ve taken control of Imperial Beast City without sacrificing a single soldier.” Xandros said proudly.

At that moment, a cold look flashed past Julius’ eyes. A terrifying aura exploded from his body, creating a tornado that swept many people to the ground, including Xandros because he was unprepared.

“Let’s go, Your Majesty!” Julius grabbed Yuven’s wrist and leaped off the wall. Earlier, Julius didn’t act when Yuven and Ivasha were still around because he didn’t know who to save. Additionally, his own daughter was still in the palace.

Since Ivasha had been brought away by Tigerus, and Yuven was in danger, Julius decided to save his king. Of course, he knew that his daughter would probably be doomed once he saved Yuven, but he had no other choice.

“Godd*mmit! Where do you think you’re going?” Xandros stood up and leaped downward. “Get them!” In the blink of an eye, countless beast soldiers pursued Yuven and Julius..

“Leave, Your Majesty! I’ll hold them back!” exclaimed Julius. With a grim expression, Yuven bade Julius goodbye. “Take care, Julius.”

He knew that Julius was planning to sacrifice himself to buy time. Julius nodded before facing Xandros and his men. Yuven had lost a great amount of his strength. He couldn’t run fast. Right then, the bone-chilling howls of wolves could be heard..

Leifr had appeared with thousands of Demon Wolves. “Your Majesty, please ride on my back!” said Leifr after he transformed into a gigantic Demon Wolf.

Yuven was overjoyed to see Leifr and swiftly climbed up. Following Leifr’s growl, thousands of Demon Wolves charged toward Xandros army.

He was asking his clan members to buy time for him and Yuven to escape. The Demon Wolves weren’t as powerful as the guards inside Imperial Beast City.

Additionally, those guards were joined by the soldiers Xandros had brought with him. In total, their forces had over ten thousand men.

Meanwhile, Yuven only had Julius and thousands of Demon Wolves. It was pretty clear who was going to win. Despite that, neither Julius nor the Demon Wolves retreated.

Yuven was swiftly brought far away the city by Leifr. Seeing that, Xandros roared, attempting, to pursue his target, but Julius forced himm back. Xandros glowered at Julius and turned to his men. “Get Tigerus and kill the rest of them!”

Battle cries and the sounds of war reverberated outside of Imperial Beast City. At that moment, Tigerus had eagerly settled Ivasha on his bed.

Ivasha shut her eyes, unwilling to look at Tigerus. She gritted her teeth and braced herself for the inevitable.

Since she still believed her father’s life was in Tigerus’ hands, she didn’t dare to resist. She was afraid that if she did, her father would be in danger.

Tigerus grew excited when he stared at the motionless Ivasha.


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