The Mans Decree Chapter 2745

The Mans Decree Chapter 2745-“Rest assured that I’ll be incredibly gentle with you for your first time, Princess Ivasha.”

While saying that, Tigerus started removing Ivasha’s clothes.

Tears streamed down Ivasha’s face like a faucet, but he turned a blind eye to her distress. Still as thrilled as ever, he slowly stripped her.

Just when she was almost wholly divested of the last of her clothes to reveal the most intimate part of her, a guard barged in in a panic.

“Bad news, General! There’s a problem!” the guard shouted frantically.

A frown marred Tigerus’ countenance. Having been interrupted in his fun, he swiftly kicked the man out of the room.

On the heels of that, he stalked out and cursed, “D*mn it! What’s the matter? Don’t you know that I’m currently busy?”

“King Yuven has been rescued by Mr. Poulsen, General. Mr. Xandros sent me to summon you to give chase right away!” the guard answered.

Upon hearing that, Tigerus hastily glanced back into the room. Seeing that Ivasha did not overhear that, he replied, “I’ll go now. Stay here and keep watch. If Princess Ivasha escapes, I’ll kill you.”

“Don’t worry, General,” the guard hurriedly assured.

With that, Tigerus left. When Ivasha had waited a long time without any more advances from the man, she slowly got up and put her clothes back on.

She had no idea why he left in a hurry, so she darted her eyes toward the outside of the room.

At that precise moment, someone suddenly pushed open the room door. A girl about her age then rushed in.

“Princess Ivasha!” the girl cried out.

“Why are you here, Lilianna?”

Ivasha gaped at the girl with surprise written all over her face.

That girl, Lilianna Poulsen, was Julius’ daughter and grew up with Ivasha. Ivasha was very much curious about why she was at Tigerus’ residence.

“King Yuven has already escaped from the city, Princess Ivasha. You should also follow suit. Otherwise, Tigerus will be back in a while!” Lilianna urged.

As soon as Ivasha heard that Yuven had escaped, joy flooded her. “Flee with me, then. Tigerus has already taken over Imperial Beast City, and they’ll never let you off the hook!”

However, Lilianna shook her head.

“I can’t leave, Princess Ivasha. The guards outside will check on you frequently. If they discover the room empty, they’ll undoubtedly hunt you down. Let’s swap our clothes now. I’ll stay in the room and dupe the guards while you make a run for it immediately from the back entrance. Someone is waiting for you there!”

Hearing that, Ivasha quickly objected, “No, I can’t do that. At that time, you’ll…”

She trailed off, but they both knew that if Tigerus were to return and find her gone, he would definitely take his anger out on Lilianna.

“Don’t hesitate anymore, Princess Ivasha! We’re running out of time!”

As Lilianna spoke, she swapped clothes with Ivasha and sent the latter out through the back entrance.

Right then, the forest a near distance from Imperial Beast City was littered with dead bodies.

Julius was covered in blood, but his aura kept rising. Despite being littered with wounds, he remained standing to buy Yuven more time to escape.

Fury blazed in Tigerus and Xandros’ eyes as they glowered at the man. After all, Yuven would never have managed to flee if it were not for him.

“Kill him!” Tigerus roared.

Subsequently, he again led his men into charging forward. Xandros did the same, swinging his sword while at it.

Although Julius’ capabilities far surpassed theirs, he ultimately fell in the face of the legion attacking him.

His dead body lay among thousands of Demon Wolves in the forest.

By then, Yuven had long since been carried hundreds of miles away by Leifr.

“Where should we go right now, Your Majesty?”

Leifr was at a loss as to their destination since they obviously could not stay in the beast race’s territory anymore in their current situation.

However, if they were to go to the human race’s territory, they might be picked on if their presence were discovered.

“We’ll go to Emerald Cauldron Sect.”

Yuven knew that Kai was at Emerald Cauldron Sect.

It was only by seeking Kai out and having the man remove the poison within him that he would have the capability to take Imperial Beast City back.


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