The Mans Decree Chapter 2746

The Mans Decree Chapter 2746-Meanwhile, Tigerus was hopping mad in Imperial Beast City because Yuven had escaped.

“Take it easy, Mighty Tigerus. King Yuven has been poisoned, so he’s worthless. He won’t be a threat anymore. That poison of mine can only be neutralized with a special antidote. No one else will be able to offset it!” Xandros said.

“I’m not afraid that he’ll come back for revenge. I’m just worried that Princess Ivasha will rebel upon learning that he has fled. If she were to commit suicide, I wouldn’t get anything!”

It turned out that Tigerus was afraid Ivasha would take her own life.

The only reason she was obeying him and offering no resistance was that Yuven was in his hands. Thus, she dared not disobey.

However, if she were to learn that her father had gotten away, she would have no qualms about acting up anymore.

“Don’t worry about that. So long as we keep silent about it, she won’t possibly know,” Xandros declared.

“You’re right!” Nodding, Tigerus swung his gaze to the guards behind him and ordered, “Keep in mind that the lot of you aren’t allowed to leak a word of King Yuven’s escape. Otherwise, don’t blame me for showing you no mercy!”

“Understood!” all the guards replied posthaste.

“Here I come, Princess Ivasha!”

A salacious smile bloomed on Tigerus’ face, and he eagerly sprinted toward his residence.

Upon entering the room, he saw that Ivasha was already lying on the bed on her side, her back to him.

At the sight of her lying on the bed voluntarily, he was over the moon.

“I didn’t expect you to have climbed into bed so quickly, Princess Ivasha. Did you grow impatient after waiting for such a long time? I’m coming right now, and I promise to grant you immeasurable pleasure!”

He hastily stripped his clothes and lunged at the bed. Hugging her, he braced himself to make his move.

Yet, the moment he glimpsed her face, he was entirely stunned.

“Why are you here?”

Sheer shock showed on Tigerus’ face, and he could not fathom how Ivasha had turned into Julius’ daughter.

“I’m going to kill you, Tigerus, you traitor!”

Without warning, Lilianna whipped out a dagger and stabbed it at Tigerus with all her might.

Tigerus was completely caught off guard. Seeing that she wanted to kill him, he promptly rolled off the bed. Still, the dagger left a bloody gash on his arm.

As he stared at the wound on his arm, towering rage consumed him, and his eyes blazed with fury.

“Where’s Princess Ivasha, brat?”

Taking a step forward, he slapped the dagger in Lilianna’s hand away before grabbing her by the neck.

Lilianna had no hope of resisting when it came to him since the gap between their capabilities was too vast.

“Princess Ivasha has already fled, so you can forget about touching her. Karma will get you, you monster! Pah!”

Shooting daggers at the man, she spat at him hard.

Tigerus glared at her, his eyes bloodshot in his rage.

The animalistic side of him had been unleashed, and he needed to satisfy his urges then.

“Since you let Princess Ivasha go, brat, I’m going to use you as an outlet for my pent-up desires instead!”

While saying that, he shoved her onto the bed.

Lilianna desperately tried to resist but to no avail.

Soon, she was stripped down to her birthday suit. Tigerus proceeded to throw himself on her.

An hour later, Lilianna stared at the man with murderous intent brimming in her eyes.

Tigerus, on the other hand, wore a gratified expression on his face.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Lilianna abruptly launched herself at Tigerus. On the heels of that, her body rapidly ballooned.

She planned to self-destruct and drag him down with her.

With her innocence gone, she no longer had the courage to continue living.

“Hmph! You even want to self-destruct?”

Tigerus snorted coldly before landing a blow on her. Blood spurted out of Lilianna’s mouth, and she died on the spot.

“Even if you escape to the ends of the world, Princess Ivasha, I’ll definitely catch you!”

A feral gleam glinted in Tigerus’ eyes. With that, he led his men out of the city in pursuit of Ivasha and started hunting her.


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