The Mans Decree Chapter 2748

The Mans Decree Chapter 2748-Breakthrough

Viola’s face lit up with joy when she noticed Kai’s body responding to the pills. She stared at him excitedly while waiting for him to wake up.

As they watched, Kai’s body slowly levitated before a seemingly endless amount of aura exploded from him.

There were three auras in total. The first was golden, the second was black, and the third was blue in color.

Like gigantic snakes, they moved in circles around Kai, occasionally coiling and intertwining with each other.

At the same time, in the skies outside, a dark cloud came floating over and slowly descended upon them.

As though they had realized something was amiss, Ghaylen and Viola quickly ran outside to have a look.

They both gasped in shock when they saw the dark cloud above.

“T-This is probably the lightning tribulation cloud! I think Mr. Chance is about to experience a breakthrough!” Ghaylen exclaimed.

Everyone was shocked when they heard that Kai would have a breakthrough.

As Kai had just achieved the Body Fusion Realm, he would only reach Second Level Body Fusion Realm even if he had a breakthrough.

It seemed a little ridiculous for a small breakthrough in cultivation level to summon a lightning tribulation cloud.

For most cultivators, they would not necessarily be able to summon lightning tribulation clouds even when making huge breakthroughs.

Although lightning tribulation clouds were dangerous, one could benefit tremendously if one’s body underwent the lightning tribulation during the breakthrough process.


A deafening thunderclap echoed throughout the area as lightning started gathering in the cloud.

“Everyone step back! Hurry!” Ghaylen shouted when he saw that, prompting everyone to get away from the building Kai was in.

A bolt of lightning came down from the sky right as everyone backed away.

The building was instantly blasted into pieces after being struck, leaving Kai’s body exposed as he continued to levitate in the air.

Enveloped in the three auras with different colors, Kai’s body was repeatedly struck by the lightning tribulation.

After what seemed like forever, the lightning tribulation cloud disappeared before everyone’s eyes, much to their surprise.

In the next instant, Kai slowly opened his eyes, and the three auras merged before returning to his body.

The next thing everyone knew, an incredibly powerful and terrifying aura spread out through the area in all directions.

Everyone from Emerald Cauldron Sect stared at Kai as though he was some kind of deity.

Even Ghaylen felt an urge to kneel before him.

“Kai! You’re finally awake!” Viola exclaimed excitedly as she leaped into the air and threw herself at Kai.

Kai quickly retracted his aura and caught Viola, who had tears in her eyes as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Before Kai could even react, Viola gave him a kiss on the lips.

Surprised that Viola would behave so boldly in front of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s disciples, Kai was caught off guard and didn’t know how to respond.

Ghaylen awkwardly cleared his throat and had the disciples look away by saying, “Ahem! Everyone, please turn around and close your eyes!”

After slowly floating back down to the ground, Kai hurriedly pushed Viola away.

Instead of getting angry at him, Viola had joy written all over her face as she uttered, “You’ve been unconscious for days, Kai! Do you have any idea how worried I was?”

“How long was I out?” Kai asked.

He didn’t think that battle would leave him so drained that he would be unconscious for days.

Kai checked his elixir field to feel his power, only to gasp in shock when he saw that he had made a breakthrough.

“I actually made a breakthrough?” he shouted in surprise.

I know that, for me, it would require a huge amount of resources just to make a small breakthrough, and the resources required would only increase as my cultivation level gets higher. What I don’t understand is how I made a breakthrough while I was unconscious. Where did all those resources come from?


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