The Mans Decree Chapter 2750

The Mans Decree Chapter 2750-Kai and Ghaylen’s conversation was interrupted when one of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s disciples came running over.
“Hold it right there! Where are you going in such a hurry?” Ghaylen called out to the disciple.
“An outsider has requested to see Ms. Warwick, so I’m heading over to inform her, Mr. Samoll!” replied the disciple.
“Who is that person? Why are you panicking so much?” Ghaylen asked with a displeased frown.
“He introduced himself as King Yuven of Imperial Beast City, and he says he’s here to see Mr. Chance!” said the disciple.
“King Yuven?” Kai was surprised to hear that name.
Why has Yuven come all the way to Emerald Cauldron Sect just to see me? Did something happen to Imperial Beast City?
With that in mind, Kai asked anxiously, “Where is he?”
“He’s at the front gate. I didn’t know who he was, so I came to inform Ms. Warwick about him.”
The disciple had come running anxiously because he didn’t personally know Yuven, but almost everyone in the area had heard about the king.

As such, they didn’t dare keep Yuven waiting if he truly was who he proclaimed to be.
After hearing the disciple’s words, Kai immediately made his way to the front gate. Ghaylen followed closely behind.
Upon arriving at the front gate, Kai saw Yuven pacing anxiously outside. Beside him was none other than Leifr.
As Leifr ruled over the Demon Wolves outside Imperial Beast City, it was rare for him to enter the city unless summoned.
Kai had a bad feeling in his gut when he saw Leifr standing next to Yuven.
Yuven’s eyes lit up with joy when he spotted Kai. He was about to rush through the gate when the disciples standing guard stopped him.
“Let him in!” Kai swiftly called out to them.
The disciples quickly stepped aside when they realized it was Kai speaking. Although Kai didn’t hold a high position in Emerald Cauldron Sect, the disciples all respected him enough to obey his commands.
They knew that they would most likely have died long ago if it weren’t for Kai, and Emerald Cauldron Sect would surely have been destroyed as well.
“Mr. Chance!”
Yuven’s eyes teared up the moment he saw Kai.
“Did something happen, Yuven?” Kai asked.
Yuven glanced about and hesitated to speak.
“It’s fine. Mr. Samoll isn’t an outsider, so you can go ahead and tell me what happened,” Kai reassured him.
Yuven nodded and told him how Tigerus and Xandros had teamed up to poison him and Ivasha before taking over Imperial Beast City.
An intense murderous aura burst out of Kai’s body when he heard that.

What had him even more worried was that Tigerus was still holding Ivasha captive.
“Those b*stards…” Kai gritted his teeth in anger as he told Yuven, “Let me see what kind of poison they used on you.”
Yuven nodded and followed Kai into Emerald Cauldron Sect.
“Now that you’ve arrived at your destination, King Yuven, I shall head back and try to gather more information on Princess Ivasha,” said Leifr.
“All right. Stay safe!” Yuven reminded him.
With a nod, Leifr left after saying goodbye to Kai.
Kai then led Yuven straight to his residence.
Viola, who had just stepped out of the main hall, froze in shock when she saw Kai bringing a stranger over.
Likewise, Yuven paused in his tracks when he spotted Viola.
“Ms. Warwick, this is King Yuven of Imperial Beast City. Yuven, this is Viola Warwick, the sect leader of Emerald Cauldron Sect,” Kai said, introducing the two.
Viola quickly stepped forward and greeted him politely, “Welcome to Emerald Cauldron Sect, King Yuven!”
Yuven responded in kind.


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