The Mans Decree Chapter 2751

The Mans Decree Chapter 2751-Viola was stunned when she saw Kai bringing Yuven into his room. Why is King Yuven in Emerald Cauldron Sect all of a sudden? Besides, it seems like he knows Kai very well!

Upon hearing Ghaylen’s explanation, Viola was flabbergasted. Who would’ve known a rebellion could happen in a place like Imperial Beast City? I thought only a minor sect like Emerald Cauldron Sect would have their people rebelling!

At that moment, Kai was examining Yuven’s body.

As wave after wave of spiritual energy entered Yuven’s body, Kai still couldn’t find what was wrong with Yuven.

“This is odd! Although you’ve been poisoned and had your ability suppressed, I still can’t detect anything,” Kai uttered with a frown.

“This is a special poison from Norwal City that I heard is undetectable as it has no taste or smell. Hence, it can suppress one’s ability without them knowing it! Furthermore, this poison also has another characteristic, which is that it cannot be detected by anyone else. The only cure for it is a unique antidote made in Norwal City,” Yuven explained.

“I didn’t know Norwal City had such an incredible poison. I refuse to believe that I can’t get to the bottom of this!” Kai gently pressed his fingers on Yuven’s wrist and continued his examination.

While Kai was doing that, Faiyar’s voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

“Mr. Chance, I know about this poison from Norwal City. You won’t be able to find the poison in the person’s body as it attacks one’s consciousness field. You might want to enter his consciousness field to check it out,” Faiyar revealed.

Upon hearing that, Kai retracted his spiritual energy and unleashed his spiritual sense to envelop Yuven.

As Kai’s spiritual sense entered Yuven’s consciousness field, Kai discovered that it had been infiltrated, as Faiyar said.

Although Yuven was conscious and retained his logic, he still needed his spiritual sense to unleash his spiritual energy and beast race aura.

In other words, he needed a clear mind to unleash his power.

“How did you know about this poison from Norwal City?” Kai asked curiously.

“To be frank, Mr. Chance, King Lucian killed a lot of my fellow demon spirits back then. Among them were some of the more powerful and older spirits. They, too, suffered from this poison! Back then, King Lucian lied to us. He claimed he would provide us with safe locations to help us escape the pursuit of the human race. A lot of us joined King Lucian when we found out about that. To everyone’s surprise, King Lucian poisoned and killed them all!” Faiyar was clearly infuriated when he told Kai the story.

“Why did he do that?” Kai was confused. If King Lucian wanted to kill Demonic Cultivators, why didn’t he do what the other sects did? He could’ve just hunted them down. Why did he need to lie to them?

“Well, King Lucian wanted to learn the ultimate techniques of the demon spirit race. I don’t even know how many Demonic Cultivators he killed, nor do I know if he succeeded in learning any of my race’s ultimate techniques!” Faiyar explained.

Upon hearing that, Kai couldn’t help but find Lucian’s actions despicable.

The conversation with Faiyar had happened in Kai’s consciousness field, so Yuven couldn’t hear a thing. Seeing that Kai had gone silent and idle, Yuven said, “Mr. Chance, if you can’t find out what’s wrong with me, it’s all right…”

“I’ve already found the poison. It has invaded your consciousness field. It’s so precise that it doesn’t even affect your consciousness and thought process. Hence, no one would suspect that the poison is harming their consciousness field!” Kai answered.

Yuven was thrilled when he heard that. “Since you’ve already found it, Mr. Chance, are you able to cure me?”


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