The Mans Decree Chapter 2752

The Mans Decree Chapter 2752-Kai furrowed his brows and shook his head. “I’ve never seen a poison like this, so I don’t know how to get rid of it. I need to gather some medicinal herbs and do some experiments.”

Although Kai had found the poison, he didn’t know how to create the antidote.

In order to make the antidote, Kai needed to conduct experiments to see what medicinal herbs he could use to achieve results.

Yuven appeared desolate when he realized not even Kai could cure him.

Seeing that, Kai patted Yuven’s shoulder and urged, “Don’t despair. Give me some time, and I’ll surely cure you.”

Yuven nodded. “I believe in you, My Lord.”

“Since you’re here, get some rest. I’ll go and prepare the herbs. Let’s see if I can make some pills for you to try out!”

With that, Kai left, letting Yuven rest in his room.

“How’s everything, Kai?” Viola asked hurriedly the moment she saw Kai walking out of the room.

“The poison in King Yuven’s body is unique, and I don’t have a method to cure him yet. I’ll make a list of herbs that I need Mr. Samoll to gather for me because I would like to make some pills for King Yuven,” Kai said. With that, he got ready to write a list for Ghaylen.

However, a troubled look flashed across Ghaylen’s face before he said, “Mr. Chance, Emerald Cauldron Sect doesn’t have many resources left. I’m afraid we can’t provide you with the herbs you need.”

Those words had embarrassment flooding Kai. I forgot I’ve already used up most of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s resources!

“Mr. Samoll, please do whatever you can to get Kai what he needs. No matter how hefty the price is, you must get it for Kai,” Viola instructed Ghaylen.

“Ms. Warwick, you should know there are some medicinal herbs we can’t get our hands on, no matter how many spirit coins we have,” Ghaylen replied helplessly.


Viola wanted to convince Ghaylen further, but Kai interrupted her by saying, “Viola, don’t force Mr. Samoll. He’s right. Some of the herbs I need can’t be bought with spirit coins.”

Viola was taken aback. When she turned to look at Kai in disbelief, her gaze was filled with deep admiration.

Kai noticed the look in her eyes and felt uneasy.

“What’s the matter? Did I make a mistake?” Kai asked when he saw Viola staring at him fixedly.

“What did you call me, Kai?” Viola uttered excitedly.

Kai froze momentarily before realizing he had just called Viola by her first name. Instead of addressing her as Ms. Warwick, I called her by her first name! I made it sound as though we were close!

With that in mind, Kai explained, “I… I didn’t even realize it. If you don’t like it, I can—”

“I like it! In fact, I love it!” Viola exclaimed. “From now on, you should just address me that way because that sounds more intimate! What herbs do you need? Tell me what you need, and I’ll do whatever it takes to purchase them!”

“Um…” Kai was at a loss for words.

“Ms. Warwick, if Mr. Chance isn’t in a rush to get those herbs, we can wait for the Alchemist Fair to be held and buy the herbs there. At that time, not only can we find all sorts of herbs in Jipsdale, but they would also be reasonably priced!” Ghaylen said to Viola.

Hearing that, Viola thought it was a good idea, so she turned to Kai. “Kai, if there’s no hurry, I’ll bring you to the Alchemist Fair. We can find everything we need there.”

“There’s no rush. When will the fair be held?” Kai questioned.

“In three days’ time! However, it’s too far away, so we need to leave in advance. We’ll head there tomorrow.”


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