The Mans Decree Chapter 2753

The Mans Decree Chapter 2753-“Do we need to leave so early? If it’s that far, why don’t we just use a Teleportation Array?” Kai knew Teleportation Arrays existed in Ethereal Realm.
As soon as those words fell, Viola and Ghaylen both looked at Kai in bafflement.
“Mr. Chance, don’t you know a Teleportation Array doesn’t teleport you to wherever you want to go? Even if we can use a Teleportation Array to get to Jipsdale, we’ll need a terrifyingly high amount of resources to activate it just once. People only use Teleportation Arrays when they really need to,” Ghaylen clarified.
Kai chuckled awkwardly when he heard that. “So, are we going to walk there?”
Kai and the others were more than capable of flying there, but they would burn too much spiritual energy in the process. If they were to fly just to get to somewhere faster, it wouldn’t be worthwhile.
As one’s cultivation level increased, cultivating would become harder because more resources were needed. If they were to fly for two thousand kilometers, they would most probably use up all their energy.

“There’s no need for that. Stellaris Sect isn’t far away from Emerald Cauldron Sect, and it has quite a few airships available. We can go there by flying in an airship,” Viola revealed.
“An airship?” Kai was bewildered. There’s such a thing in Ethereal Realm? Aren’t airships from the mundane world? Well, the people in the mundane world don’t even use airships anymore. They have airplanes!
Viola went on, “That’s right. Stellaris Sect makes its money by providing airship transport. Once we pay several spirit coins each, we can get on an airship. However, building an airship costs a lot of money, so they don’t fly to nearby places. As a matter of fact, they don’t usually fly to Jipsdale, which is only two thousand kilometers away. Having said that, Stellaris Sect will provide two airships to Jipsdale every time the Alchemist Fair is held.”
“I see. It’s just like an airplane, right?” Understanding finally dawned on Kai. An airship is just like an airplane in the mundane world! Obviously, airplanes don’t fly to nearby places either because they can’t possibly land within minutes of taking off.
“An airplane? What’s that?” Confusion was written all over Viola’s face.
“Oh! It’s nothing. I get it now. Let me get ready for our trip tomorrow!”
With that, Kai returned to the room to tell Yuven to pack up and join them on the trip. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find a way to cure Yuven once we arrive in Jipsdale!
While Kai was preparing for his trip to the Alchemist Fair, Ivasha, under the protection of two of her subordinates, was fleeing from Tigerus’ men.
“Princess Ivasha, let’s run in another direction. I think we’ve exposed our location,” one of the subordinates said.
“I can’t do that. I need to go to Emerald Cauldron Sect to find Kai! Even if I die, I want to die in his arms!” Ivasha replied firmly.
As soon as Ivasha finished talking, several auras appeared behind them.

When the trio sensed that, their expressions immediately fell.
“Princess Ivasha, run! We’ll buy you some time!”
The two subordinates didn’t expect their enemies to catch up to them so quickly, so they told Ivasha to sprint away.
In response, Ivasha glanced at her subordinates, her reluctance evident. I don’t want to leave them, but I don’t think I have a choice! Neither of them is going to survive this!
Gritting her teeth, Ivasha ran forward as fast as she could. Yet, she was rather slow because her ability had been suppressed.
Not long after she started running, she heard the sound of weapons colliding, followed by agonized screams.
However, Ivasha knew she couldn’t afford to stop, so she just kept running without looking back.


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