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Amazing Son-in-law Chinese Novel Introduction

Charlie wade is the Poor  door-to-door son-in-law that everyone looks down on, but no one knows his true identity is the eldest young master of the top family. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel in front of him and call him in fear!Door-to-Door Son-in-law Charlie  & cleri Novel (Charismatic Charlie wade & Claire Novel)

Who said that a son-in-law has no dignity? A normal man married into woman’s family as a son-in-law. After despised by the relatives of his wife for three years, he suddenly get trillion-dollar of heritage from his own family. Then the cowardly life was no more. “Come on, let your mother serve me a cup of tea, then I’ll consider to arrange your little brother with a decent job” Let us witness how Charlie spins destiny and become the amazing son-in-law!

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As an ordinary man, Charlie Wade may not have had the intelligence or ambition to succeed in the Wilson family. But what he lacked in those areas, he made up for in his faithfulness to his wife, Claire Wilson. Even after gaining immense wealth, Charlie did not become selfish with his newfound power, instead choosing to assist Claire in advancing in Wilson’s corporation.

One noteworthy trait of Charlie’s is his indifference. He’s not the perfect protagonist often found in novels, but he never takes for granted the favors others have done for him, and he always seeks revenge against his enemies. Despite this, he remains devoted to his wife above all else.

Throughout the story, Charlie encounters many stunning women, some of whom serve as valuable helpers in his career and others who tempt him. As readers, we can’t help but wonder if Charlie’s faithfulness to Claire will falter.

Claire Wilson is Charlie’s first and only wife, though she initially resisted the idea of marrying him. Nevertheless, she remained loyal to Charlie, motivated by her love and trust for her grandfather who had arranged the marriage. Claire is a unique female protagonist, combining kindness, purity, and faith in love with a strong ambition to achieve her career goals.

To outsiders, Claire’s devotion to Charlie may seem irrational, as she and her family initially viewed him as helpless and impoverished. However, after Charlie acquired a fortune of 100 billion, Claire’s career advanced with ease. Despite this, she knew little about her husband, the man closest to her, and didn’t take hints pointing to Charlie seriously. This bluntness may be a trick in the story, but it causes readers’ affection for Claire to diminish.

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