An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 896

Chapter 896

For a moment, all eyes were on Brittany.

The Jade Maiden Scripture was important to the Jade Maiden Sisterhood.

But Dustin had made his condition known.

He demanded that Brittany’s leg be broken. And most importantly, he wanted Edith to do it personally

“Dus- Nikki intended to speak for them, but Dustin cut her off by raising a hand.

His gaze was fixed on Edith. “What do you say, Madam Parker?”

“Brittany is my lead disciple. I can never hurt her as her mentor,” Edith said righteously.

“So I take it that you have no interest in the Jade Maiden Scripture?” Dustin raised a brow.

“Of course, I’m interested in it. But I do not plan to take orders from you.”

Edith lifted her chin and said, “I will have the scripture and protect my disciple.

“Pass me the Jade Maiden Scripture now. That is an order.

“If you do, I will forgive you for your rudeness earlier. Otherwise, do not be surprised if I attack you!

Dustin was so angered that he failed to hold back a laugh.

She had readily agreed, but she backed out on her word in the blink of an eye. She even dared to boss him around.

That was a straight-up threat! She was shameless and proudly so.

“I must admit, I’ve underestimated how shameless you can be. You’re on an entirely different level of shamelessness.” Dustin chuckled as he shook his head.

He had met his fair share of shameless people but never one as shameless as Edith.

“You insolent bastard! How dare you insult Madam Edith! You’ve got a lot of nerve!”

“How dare you disrespect Madam Edith! You must have a death wish!”

The disciples of the Jade Maiden Sisterhood roared angrily. Some even took out their sword, ready to attack.

“You bastard’ Do you have any idea what you’ve just said?” Edith looked at him with hatred in her


If it had not been for the Jade Maiden Scripture, she would have already killed him for what he’d just said.

“You were the one whose words cannot be trusted! Why do you care what I say since you’re already shameless?” Dustin mocked.

“You bastard! Do not test my patience! Give me the Jade Maiden Scripture, and I might spare you this once!” Edith gradually lost her cool.


Dustin declared.

Ight before you!”

He had been too patient with them, resulting in them to cross the line. If that were the case, he would have to resort to using violence.

“You? Do you even have what it takes?” Edith looked at him in disdain.

“That’s right! Who are you to say that? How dare you speak so arrogantly?” Brittany challenged.

With Edith there to back her up, she had nothing to fear.

“Mr. Adler, break both her legs,” Dustin ordered. He couldn’t be bothered to waste any more words on them.

“Yes, sir!” Cornelius laughed sinisterly and leaped forward.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. Those wicked wenches had repaid their kindness with ingratitude.

They created many problems for them. They even threatened Dustin and were ready to take what didn’t belong to them!

He could not put up with them any longer.

“You’re asking for trouble!” Edith’s gaze turned cold when she saw Cornelius about to attack. She dashed forward and aimed to punch him..

For a moment, a fierce wind rose. Sand and dust were flying all over.

“Just the right timing!” Cornelius did not back off and sent a punch aimed straight at Edith.

Both fists collided.

With a loud bang, they were both sent flying in opposite directions.

Cornelius stumbled more than ten steps back. His heart raced, and his arm went numb..

But Edith was sent three steps back. Her face paled.

But in comparison to Cornelius, it seemed like Edith was the stronger one.

“All hail, Madam Edith!”

“You’re amazing, Madam Edith!”

The Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples were overjoyed.

“Hahaha! How dare you challenge Madam Edith, you old thing? You overestimate yourself!” Brittany laughed meanly.

But the moment her voice died down, Edith spat a mouthful of blood and nearly collapsed.

“Madam Edith!”

They were all shocked and quickly dashed forward to support her.

Edith was stronger than Cornelius but had yet to recover from her internal injuries. Now that she had suffered the impact of the punch, her injuries acted up again.

“Stop fighting!”


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