An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 898

Chapter 898

“I know the two of you are working together. If you don’t want her to be killed, you better release Brittany!” Edith threatened, holding her sword at Nikki’s neck.

She would have never resorted to such tactics if she hadn’t been injured.

“Why? Why?” Nikki mumbled as she sat on the ground, tears dripping down her cheeks.

Dustin frowned and eventually nodded. “Fine, release Nikki, and I’ll let go of your disciple.”

He gestured for Cornelius to step back.

“Take Brittany away first.” Edith signaled.

The Jade Maiden sisterhood disciples hurriedly dragged Brittany away.

Letitia remained by Edith’s side to keep an eye on Cornelius in case he decided to do anything.

“Brat, I demand you to hand me the Jade Maiden Scripture!”

Although Brittany had been released, Edith did not lower her sword. Instead, she began to shout out her requests.

“I’ve already compromised once. You’d better not take things too far.” Dustin’s face hardened.

How dare that witch try to make another unreasonable request!

“The Jade Maiden Scripture belongs to us in the first place. It’s only natural that you return it to its rightful owner!” Edith demanded arrogantly.


your attitude, do you think I’d hand it over?” Dustin retorted.

“Only women have use of the Jade Maiden Scripture. What would you do with it?

“I’ll forgive you for your rude actions toward me if you return it to me!” Edith continued her arrogant attitude.

“All of you are the same.” Dustin shook his head in annoyance.

“Even if it’s useless to me, I’d rather burn it to a crisp than hand it over to you!”

“You!” Edith’s face hardened.

“You better think this through, brat! I’ll kill her if you don’t give me the scripture!”

She pushed the sword harder at Nikki’s neck, causing Nikki’s wound to deepen and bleed more.

“I’ll destroy your entire group if she dies!”

Dustin immediately began releasing a murderous aura.

Knowing Edith’s personality, the more he agreed to compromise, the more unreasonable her requests would be.

“Madam, why don’t we fall back for now? I’m sure we’ll get another chance.” Letitia advised when she realized the situation was worsening.

“You’re still hurt, so you shouldn’t be fighting. There’s a chance we might lose if you fight now.”

Kirin Gang had many skilled disciples and members, especially Cornelius. Both sides would suffer heavily if a fight were to break out.

“What?” Edith frowned. She looked around and saw more Kirin Gang members surrounding them.

She hesitated and decided it was best to retreat since fighting wouldn’t work in her favor today. “I’ll let you off the hook for today! You better hand over the scripture within the next three days or be prepared to face the consequences!” Edith spat before jumping over the wall with Letitia and disappearing.

Instead of going after them, Dustin walked over to Nikki’s side and crouched down. “Are you still going to be loyal to someone like her?”

“I just don’t get it. Why is she acting like this? Am I not good enough?” Nikki knelt on the ground, devastated.

“She’s not acting any differently. It’s you who never saw her for who she was.

Dustin explained before advising, “There’s no need to look up to someone who tramples all over you.

“Your best bet would be to leave Jade Maiden Sisterhood as soon as possible.”

“B-but where would I go?” Nikki cried.

She joined Jade Maiden Sisterhood when she was in her teens. After living with them for eight. years, the Jade Maiden Sisterhood was like a second home to her.

“If you don’t have anywhere else to go, you can join us,” Dustin answered frankly.

“Your brother was the guildmaster of Flame Dragon Guild when he was still alive. You can take over his position.”

“C-can I?” Nikki was doubtful.

“Of course.” Dustin nodded.

“You’re talented and more than capable of leading the guild. I’ll also write the Jade Maiden Scripture as a gift to celebrate your promotion.”

For female martial artists, the Jade Maiden Scripture was a valuable martial arts asset to them..

Mastering the technique in the scripture would make it possible for them to reach the level of grandmaster.

“T-thank you…” Nikki sobbed gratefully.


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