An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 899

Chapter 899

Everyone could tell that Dustin truly cared for Nikki.

“You should freshen up. I’ll be holding a banquet for you tonight.

“It’ll be a good opportunity for you to get closer to the gang’s members.” Dustin patted her shoulder and waved two female disciples over to help Nikki to her room.

“Aren’t you being too nice to her, sir?” Cornelius asked.

“I owe Nelson my life, so I should help her however I can.” Dustin’s eyes turned sad.

“I just hope she doesn’t disappoint you.” Cornelius was envious.

Dustin didn’t just save Nikki. He helped her escape from that hellhole and would give her the Jade Maiden Scripture.

He was even going as far as to pass her the position of guildmaster!

There was no one as lucky as Nikki. If Cornelius were a woman, he would be throwing himself at Dustin by now.

Night soon fell.

Kirin Gang’s executives sat together in Zephyr Lodge’s ballroom, enjoying their drinks. All five of Kirin Gang’s guildmasters were present.

They were Cornelius from Darklaws, Nikki from Flame Dragon Guild, Alec Blanton of Charging Tiger Guild, Jim Kirk of Stonefur, and Joseph Bates from Slythorn.

All five of them were now Dustin’s most trusted subordinates, and each had their strengths.

Cornelius was known for his fighting skills, Nikki for her abilities and potential, Alec for his brains, Jim for his honorable personality, and Joseph for his versatility.

“Dame Nikki, congratulations on joining Kirin Gang! I would like to offer you a toast.”

“Dame Nikki, I greatly respect your brother and hope Flame Dragon Guild flourishes under your lead!”

“I’m not good with words, Nikki. So, I’ll let my toast do the talking.”

The four guildmasters stood up and offered Nikki a toast.

They knew that Dustin valued Flame Dragon Guild the most out of the five guilds. So, they didn’t dare to protest about Flame Dragon Guild’s guildmaster being a woman.

“Thank you.” Nikki forced a smile and lifted her glass in response.

The room became much more lively after food and drinks were served, and everyone started getting a little tipsy.

After drinking a few glasses, Joseph passed out and fell to the ground.

“Pfft! Oh, Joseph! You always boasted about how good you are at drinking.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a lightweight,” Jim teased before passing out and falling to the floor.

“Jeez, what are you guys doing? Don’t stop now.” Alec reached over and tried to shake them awake but soon fell unconscious.

Soon, most of Kirin Gang’s guildmasters were knocked out.

“What?” Cornelius tried to stop his head from spinning, finally realizing something was wrong.

“Sir, we’ve been drugged!”

“Well, you found out too late!” Someone cackled as the doors were kicked open.

Edith and the Jade Maiden Sisterhood disciples barged into the ballroom.

“You?” Cornelius paled.

He tried to stand up to fight but nearly tripped. He could only stand where he was and try to resist the effects of the drug.

“You guys sure are stubborn!” Dustin frowned, pissed.

“I bet you didn’t expect us to return!” Edith walked in confidently.

“Security at Zephyr Lodge is tight. When did you put the drug?” Cornelius growled.

There were no outsiders today, and Kirin Gang members were constantly on the lookout. So, the Jade Maiden Sisterhood shouldn’t have had a chance to drug them.

“Well, I’ll have to thank my darling disciple for that,” Edith smirked and waved Nikki over.

“Well done, Nikki. I’ve decided to take you back in!”

Dustin and his men were shocked.


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