An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 792

Chapter 792

After one minute, the metal doors of the pressure machine opened, and Dustin walked out calmly.

He seemed so relaxed no one could have guessed that he had withstood such high pressure.

“Sir, I get to advance to the next level, right?” Dustin asked.

“O-of course!” Getting over his shock, the staff nodded frantically.

He couldn’t believe that Dustin could withstand level-100 pressure for a minute. Was Dustin made of darksteel? This was unbelievable!

“Damn, he’s a monster.” Georgia was in awe as well.

Dustin excelled in all four tests-strength, speed, internal energy, and defense. It was like he was perfect.

Usually, people would struggle to pass even a single test. Yet, Dustin managed to pass them with flying colors.

Was he a monster?

“I knew Dustin was strong.” A rare smile appeared on Scarlet’s face, who was proud of Dustin’s achievements.


guess Terry Doyle lost for a reason,” Patrick mumbled. He had known that Dustin was strong, but he never expected Dustin to be so terrifyingly perfect!

Fortunately, they were currently on the same team.

“I’ve finished my turn. You’re up next. Go ahead.” Dustin looked at the Boulderthorn members and gestured toward the pressure machine.

“But…” His opponents shared unsure glances, at a loss for words.

There was no way they’d withstand level-100 pressure. They might even be squashed into a pancake!

“Dominic, w-why don’t you try it?” Gianna asked

Dominic stiffened as he stopped himself from swearing. What on earth was Gianna saying? What’s the use of him competing when Dustin pulled the lever to the max?

With Dominic’s current level, no matter how hard he tried, he’d only be able to handle up to level 10.

There was no way they’d withstand level-100 pressure. The pressure would squash them into a pancake!

“Is no one going to compete? I guess that means I won?” Dustin held out his hands.

“I thought Boulderthorn disciples were incredible, but I guess I was wrong.”

The others bit their tongue with dark faces, unable to deny their loss with the proof in front of them. They were utterly humiliated after losing four times in a row.

“Dustin, there’s a physical combat test left.” Patrick reminded.

“Alright, then. Let’s get it done with.” Dustin nodded and led everyone to where the fifth test was being held.

The final test was physical combat. Contestants had to pass the previous four tests to reach the fifth test.

The rules of the fifth test were simple. Each contestant needed to have hand-to-hand combat with two powerful invigilators. Then, the invigilators would rate the contestant based on their performance.

“I’m here for the test, please,” Dustin walked up to the battle ring and polite


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