An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 797

Chapter 797

Dustin frowned and stepped back to put some space between their bodies. “I won’t expose your identity, but you better behave yourself. I’ll be watching you.

“You’ll be watching me?” Azalea bit her bottom lip invitingly. “I’ll be showering later. Will you also watch me?”

“You’re crazy!”

Dustin ignored her and walked past her to go upstairs. He was certain she wasn’t up to anything for now, but he was still wary of witches like her.

The night passed uneventfully.

The next morning, Dustin was out with Abigail for their morning practice when a black sedan pulled up at their entrance.

The car door opened, and Patrick stepped out with a smile.

“Congratulations, Dustin.” Patrick congratulated Dustin.

“The results for yesterday’s tests are out. You passed the test and have been chosen to lead four other martial artists to represent the Glenstead martial arts alliance!”

“Really? That’s great.” Dustin smiled softly, not surprised by the news.

It would be more surprising if someone managed to get a higher score than him, who got full marks for all five tests.

“Are you joining the Knighthood Society Tournament? Can I tag along?” Abigail asked eagerly.

“Only if you don’t cause any trouble,” Dustin warned.

“I promise!” Abigail promised.

“Me too. I want to go, too,” Azalea chimed in.

There was no way she’d miss out on such an exciting show.

Dustin glanced at her but didn’t answer. Instead, he stepped into the car.

Abigail and Azalea followed too. Azalea plopped herself into the seat next to Dustin’s, her breasts jiggling from the movement.

The car began to move, starting their journey to the tournament.

The tournament was being held at Shinefield Lake, which was located at the foot of Mount Shinefield The beautiful scenery there made it the perfect location to host the tournament.

When they arrived, the lake was full of martial artists from different places.

The grand tournament between the Balerno and Glenstead martial arts alliance took place every three years Today’s battle was more about honor than interest. Each participant must do their best to make their alliance proud.

“Dustin, the others who will be representing Balerno are over there. Follow me.” Patrick glanced around to ensure he was in the right direction before leading Dustin and the others over.

“Stop right there!”

Suddenly, a group of people blocked their way. When Dustin saw who they were, he had a smirk on his face.

They turned out to be the same people from Steeljaws Fellowship yesterday.

“You killed Dominic yesterday, and we demand justice!” One of them accused before Dustin could say anything.


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