An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 801

Chapter 801

A gentle breeze that carried the subtle scent of earth ruffled everywhere.

Many had gathered around Shinefield Lake, and the tension in the air was high as the two alliances faced off.

The tournament was held in the middle of the lake, where an arena 100 meters long had been built days ago.

The lake surrounded the platform, so they would need to reach it by boat.

The contestants representing the Balerno martial arts alliance had gathered inside a gazebo at the South, where Ronald got three substitutes to replace the three poisoned men.

Although these men weren’t as strong as the earlier three, it was still better than nothing.

“Today’s tournament is extremely important.” Ronald’s expression was serious as he looked at each of them.

“The Balerno martial arts alliance’s reputation rests on your shoulders, so please work together. I await the good news!”

He lowered his head respectfully.

“Don’t worry, Sir! We’ll beat those guys up!” The new members were full of confidence.

Winning the tournament not only promised them a hefty prize but would also give them fame, so they would do their best.

“This is a tag team competition, so you four better follow my instructions and not act alone,” Jared said cooly. His arrogant attitude caused others to frown.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Why should we listen to you?” A round-faced contestant demanded.

Jared sneered, “Because I’m the first disciple of Steeljaws Fellowship and the rank twelfth on The Heavenly Immortals. Does that answer your question?”

“The twelfth?” The other contestant immediately shut his mouth. The other two contestants fell

silent as well.

Although they were also on The Heavenly Immortals, their ranking was below thirty, which was way lower than Jared’s.

It was challenging to advance even a single rank on The Heavenly Immortals, much less two ranks. So, if someone ranked 20 places higher than them, there was no way they’d be any match

for them.

“Any other objections?” Jared snorted.

“N-no. You can give orders since you’re the strongest.” The round-faced contestant smiled apologetically.

“What about you guys?” Jared turned his head.

“We chose a leader so that we could communicate better. I have no objections.”

“Neither do I.”

The other two nodded frantically.

The martial world followed the rule that the strongest person would be in charge.

“I like quick learners, unlike someone who has decided to be stubborn!” Jared jeered, shooting Dustin a glare.

Dustin ignored the other man and stared at the arena in the middle of the lake.

“You seem quite strong, Fatty. You’ll go first.” Jared pointed at the round-faced contestant. Remember, you have to win no matter what it takes!”

“Of course!” Fatty patted his chest confidently.

“Alright. Get onto the boat.” Jared nodded, pleased.

“The boat? You underestimate me, Jared.” Fatty smiled. “I’m not that weak. Watch as I skim across the water!”

With that, Fatty shot forward with a leap. Then he landed on the water’s surface and ran with incredible speed, causing countless ripples.

“Good job!” Jared praised.

Almost immediately, Fatty ran out of true energy. He sent water splashing everywhere as he fell facefirst into the lake.


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